Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We're almost there!

"Sunset at Pike's Peak"

Well, we were crazy to leave early. the roads were crazy scary. cars left and right off the hiway, including a semi that had slid off the road and was perpendicular to the hiway with the cab in the ditch and the trailer blocking the right lane of the hiway. at one point, we started fishtailing at 60 MPH and we both ust new we were done for, but bob pulled it out!! about 20 miles east of Hays we stopped to help someone stuck down in the median with snow up to his hood. we picked him up and drove him to Hays.

we got into Colby (were we already had a reservation) just after 10:00, which was still really good time (leaving Topeka at 4 PM). When we got there the lady said we're gald we had a reservation caus they only had one room left from people staying there from the snow. Colby got 8" - 12" that day. I got to do some geocaching this morning before leaving Colorado Springs.

today we drove up through the Garden of the Gods. i took a bunch of pictures!! it was really beautiful there. got some great pictures of Pike's Peak too. tomorrow morning we'll head off to Buena Vista where the retreat is. we're trying to find something fun to do either before or after the retreat. we may either go skiing for half a day at Monarch, or go on a snowmobile run. that sounds fun too!!

you won't hear from me again until Sunday night.

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Anonymous said...

Snowmobile run sounds like a blast! I remember getting picked up in Tennesse?? a few years back:) I am sure that guy really appreciated it. Have a good time and safe travels.

Bob Lane