Monday, February 18, 2008

Back in the saddle

Sunrise at the Frontier Ranch (Mt. Princeton)

I’ve been back a week, today. What an incredible experience! And as beautiful and enlightening of a trip as it was, it really wasn’t a mountaintop experience. Well, it was ‘literally’ a mountaintop experience – but most of you know what I mean. Because you spend a great deal of time alone in “disciplines of silence” – you were focused just as much on time with God as you were the amazing scenery so there was more meaning than just being in a beautiful place. But, it truly was an amazing place and experience that I can’t adequately describe with words. I took just over 500 pictures and have pared that down in half. Maybe within the next week I can get many of them posted on line for you all to view (through a different website).

Bob and I are tossing around the idea of facilitating a Wild at Heart Boot Camp here in Kansas this fall. It won’t have quite the majesty of the Colorado Mountains – but that’s not the whole point. It IS about getting out of the rat race and into the wilderness and country to be alone with God and we have a place in mind for it. I won’t say anymore as we are still praying for God’s direction in this “Adventure”. It’s pretty hard to listen for God when you are so excited about something… all I hear is my own desire. But I will certainly keep you guys posted. We’ll need lost of volunteers this first year to make it work – including a number of volunteer speakers/pastors that we will be calling on.

So in closing, the trip was everything I hoped and more. Listening to John Eldridge and the rest of his Ransomed Heart team was awesome. The food was great – I ate very well and very much. The facility/ranch was the most amazing ‘camp’ I’ve ever been to (the physical buildings). The location was breath-taking. God showed up as I prayed that he would. To experience it all with my best friend was priceless. And God clearly kept us safe the whole time, from the time we left Topeka to drive straight into a blizzard, fishtailing on the highway at 60 MPH (we just knew we were gonners), giving a stranded motorist a ride, to making it to the mountain an hour before they closed the highway (wind blew a couple vehicles off the road right after we made it through). Many guys didn’t make it to camp til early Friday morning because of the whiteout weather conditions…. God was good and He wanted us there and made sure we made it.

***Taylor has been sick since Saturday with a fever and severe sore throat and chest congestion. We are waiting for the nurse to call back about taking him in. I think it’s something that is going around. Many people are suffering from the same thing. I’ll keep you posted if we hear something.

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Tracy said...

Wow! - what a beautiful place. We're glad you had a time of refreshment, fellowship, Truth, meditation... you know, all the good stuff!

Blessings to you guys. :)