Monday, January 07, 2008

Do I Have It In Me?

i'm not sure i have it in me again....26.2 miles. i started getting the itch to run another marathon. i ran THREE in ONE year. and now i haven't run since last May - that's 8 months of not a single lap around the track. i assume those who are genetically predisposed to running would not have the difficulty i had starting back up. but yesterday i ran for the first time in 8 months; an easy ONE mile... or so i thought. it didn't take long to feel those old, familiar pains in my feet and calves and that was only a quarter-mile down our street. at the half way point i was really thinking about walking a little! but i perservered and made it back home. and today my thighs are SORE! it'll be worse tomorrow. ONE MILE! it may as well been number 19 in Lincoln, May 2006. I felt better crossing the finish line in Chicago

i told myself after Chicago i would not stop running so the pain wouldn't set in. i told myself after Oklahoma City i would not stop running so the pain wouldn't return. my intensions are always good. my body is telling me i'm not a marathon runner. i was a sprinter, at best, in my long ago youth. 11 seconds was the max my body was meant to run.

but alas, i have not given up hope yet. and if nothing else, i think i'm going to participate in the Topeka Tinman race this June - either in preparation for the marathon, or the climax of my training all together. i won't jinx myself by saying the Tinman short course (300 yard swim, 10 mile bike ride, 3 mile run) is going to be easy, but by "marathon" standards - this has got to be an easier race. i'm afraid of the swim - not of the water but that i haven't swam regularly since junior high school and never any "laps". Marco Polo, yes. double flips off the high dive, yes. swimming any laps? no. and i don't have a pool readily available. i don't even have a good bike to use. i'll have to save money for that. this will be interesting! i'll keep you posted.

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