Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Catching up

Last Friday Josie came down with Strep throat....again. i'm surprized we are not discussing getting her tonsils removed yet. she's fine though. 10 days of the pink stuff and she'll be fine. though she has had a nasty cough the last couple days..hmm.
The Rubik's Cube photo is to show that I, Shawn, solved the puzzle! I used the supplied instructions, but hey, i still did it!!!!! Taylor can vouch for me.
About the picture of our front yard..... you see all the "shadowy" tufts of grass? those are actually the mole tunnels that are ravaging the majority of our property. that front quadrant of our yard is basically ALL tunnels. it feels like you are walking on sand out there. but they are all over our two acres. we've really gotta get a handle on them this year. i'll just add that to the list of the 100 other things i need to do around the house - which is why the yard looks as it does. i still haven't moved off all the limbs from under the trees that we lost in the ice storm. so make that 101 things to do.
PS thank you to those who have shared their condolences with me regarding Dr. Smith. I appreciate it. It makes it all the more painful (not your condolences) that we could never make it to those picnics in San Antonio that they've held the last 3 years for him.... you know, the "if we'd only known the last time we saw him would be the last time we saw him".

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