Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ER trip

Sunday night Josie was experiencing stabbing abdominal pains. the on-call nurse/doctor recommended we take her in since it was sudden onset. they tested her urine and took blood. she had an elevated white count so they then did a CT of her abdomen. she was on an IV drip for a few hours. in the end they couldn't find anything; possible bug that's going around. by the time we left her stomach wasn't feeling as bad. she's back to normal now. Cami is kind of uder the weather and Tracy is getting sick again.... hopefully Taylor and i can stay clear of it!

Well, not to abruptly switch gears but, Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Only Josie

Grandma Shirley came over last night to make Christmas cookies with the kids. They had fun. The above photo is one of Josie's cookies. She was giving him (snowman) 'rashes'. That's what the red spots are.

Tonight was Josie's First Grade Christmas Musical. She played the part of a ticket taker. The chair wasn't just for Josie to be seen over the "counter", other kids actually needed it too, ha! She did great of course!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Drama Queen

Josie was so tired this morning that she just couldn't seem to stay awake. so when we made her get off the couch to get ready to go, she preceeded to lay down on the kitchen floor. Poor baby. Life is rough when you can't get catered to 24/7.

As far as other updates, We took taylor to children's mercy yesterday to meet with a neurologist about his migraines he's had for some time and some head tics he's been displaying for the last couple months. She thinks a daily magnesium suppliment will help his migrains and for his tics, she assured us it was completely normal for kids at this age to develop quirkly little compulsive movements and they will pass.

Cami's back seems to be getting better - or at least not hurting as bad. she is trying to start dancing again, but her back is quickly speaking it's mind about the decision. She is struggling through some equally challenging 'teenage' drama. she has fully entered the "parents don't understand" phase that we all battled through. and it's been a troubling battle for us parents too (in regards to what cami is dealing with).

To end on a positive note, you may recall last February Bob and I got to go a men's retreat in Colorado. and from that has birthed a men's ministry we've begun. WELL, we just received confirmation that we've been selected to attend the "advanced" version of that camp - back in Colorado - this March. We are so totally freaking excited right now!! for more info on our ministry, please visit: http://www.wildmenks.com/

OH, and as a post script to the photo above. you'll notice, just to the left of josie's face is a black tube of chapstick. that girl is a chapstick JUNKIE! she puts it on all day. and she doesn't just put it on, she rubs it in each corner a number of times, then she makes a couple passes across her lips, then she makes two or three passes around her mouth, above and below her lips on the skin... it's quite entertaining to watch.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Traditions underway

It's a little laate in posting, but our Christmas season starts off the Friday following Thanksgiving. As a family we go out and get our live Christmas tree. We usually go out for breakfast before hand too, but this year we opted to get pizza and bring it home for lunch as we decorate. We also usually go to a local tree farm in town, but they plan to 'close shop' in the near future - not planting any new trees, so the selection is quite sparse. But even if not, i've been wanting a Frazier Fur tree, and they don't grow in our neck of the States, so i knew it would have to be a pre-cut tree. The dark photo doesn't do it justice but it's a really good looking tree. we ar all quite pleased.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Early Christmas for Conway Springs.

Conway didn't win the state championship, as much as WE lost it. we held the lead for more than 3 1/2 quarters. with FIVE minutes left in the game we were winning 14 - 6..... then we fumbled and they recovered. they scored on that drive, and the got the 2 point conversion. then i believe we fumbled again and they recovered it and got another quick score. with a 14-6 lead and five minutes on the clock, we end up losing 22 - 14. i didn't mention our multiple penalties in that last 5 minutes.

we were the better team for FORTY-THREE minutes of a forty-eight minute game. we even shut down their all-star, OSU bound running back to just one big yard play all game long, and in less than five minutes we give him 2 touchdowns. the more i write about it the more it sickens me. we should have one that game, but ..... nevermind.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is the new shirts/sweatshirts we are getting. Personally, i'd rather leave off the "2008 class 3A, etc." so it's not "dated". i mean, we've been in the state championship game the last 7-8 years in a row. nobody questions our 'fame' when it comes to football. but it is a cool design. we'll probably be leaving no later than 8 am on saturday to drive to Hutch for the game.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Silver Lake Eagles season video!

well, it seems you can no longer directly embed YouTube video to Blogger, so here is the link to watch a video of the Eagles 2008 season against various teams.. the video quality is often poor, but still a great video from whoever posted it. please check it out and root us on Saturday November 29 as we battle for the State Championship against Conway Springs. We'll be there watching it!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Headed to Hutch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was actually nervous throughout the day today thinking how tough the game was going to be tonight against Riverton..... and we KILLED THEM!!!!!!

So next Saturday, November 29 we drive down to Hutchinson for the 3A state championship game against Conway Springs. I am so fired up right now i probably won't sleep for a while!

Go Big Lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Too Close For Comfort!!!

What a game!!! Taylor and i drove up to Marysville for the 3A Sectional championship game. Marysville scored on us within 4 minutes, but missed the extra point. We didn't score til the second quarter (making the extra point). it began to mist heavily in the third quarter - so thick it looked like fog blowing in! We held them for the remainder of the game and won, 7-6!!!
check out the exciting details http://cjonline.com/stories/111508/pre_356233719.shtml

Next week we play Riverton. They are going to be every bit as tough as Marysville. they also beat gelena worse than we did. I know we can do it though! it's all lining up that we will probably be playing Garden Plain AGAIN for the state championship (third straight year). no offense to Conway Springs who plays them next week. that would be fine if they won too! we are 1 and 1 against Garden Plain for the state title. this would settle it with a best 2 out of 3 scenario, ha!

but one game at a time!!!! it'll be a fight til the end. send us your good vibes to defeat Riverton!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Big Lake rolls on!

Just had to drop a note to say that Silver Lake continues their playoff drive as they shut out Galena tonight, 32-0. i've lost track of how many teams we've kept scoreless this season. Next week we play Marysville. Depending on our schedule, we (maybe just Taylor and I) will drive up to see that game. i think there are just two more games (including Marysville) before the State game in Hutch. I sure hope we'll be making the drive down there again this year. "Go Big Lake!!"

Friday, November 07, 2008

CMH Update

Okay, here's the scoop from the doctor appt Tuesday:

Cami - The doc was pretty optomistic about Cami's condition and it quite confident that she doesn't need surgery and the bulging discs will heal on their own. He wasn't impressed (didn't think it was as significant) with the previous dr's degenerative disc diagnosis. She does seem to have it but very mild at this point and not contributing to her pain. He said several times that Cami presents as exceptionally well, compared to others with bulging discs - she can still move quite well. He has referred her on to a specialist in Integrative Pain Management to better manage her pain during the healing process. He suspects she may have a fair amount of depression that may be contributing to her perceiving the pain is much great than it is - NOT that she's faking - but we all know how attitude and emotion is a primary contributor to recovery and that being down and out intensifies the way you are feeling (that's all my words, not his). he thinks she will do quite well. Cami of course was not pleased with the answer. she wants surgery now to fix it. i feel bad for her.

Josie - another great report. he is going to set us up to see a plastic surgeon, just as a consult to make sure the skin on her back is doing well enough to endure the next surgery and have no issues with covering the device. as you may recall - at the last surgery he had to go back in later that day and remove the device he expanded cause it was stretching the skin too much. once we meet with the plastic surgeon and get the okay, we'll schedule surgery to replace her existing rod and put in a new rod (the one they took out). he will be using the newest generation rod design that's thinner/smaller so they'll have less trauma to the skin; they won't stick out as much. i'm sure we are looking at atleast january/february next year, and that's fine cause i set aside that surgery money through our employers flex spending account. it will save us about $300.

he is also confident that josie can continue to go long periods of time without surgeries - she still hasn't really grown into the expansions she's received previously. best case scenario is that she may only need a few more surgeries period by the time she completes puberty. that would be awesome! After this next surgery we will need to consider funding for future surgeries. we will deplete her medical fund after the next one. i don't know (economy wise) whether we can try and save money to pay for those, or if we'll need to put on another fundraiser.

okay, that's it for now!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Ups and Downs

Well, let's start with the up news (literally)...
Tracy did it! She went skydiving yesterday to celebrate turning 40 last month. She had a BLAST and is ready to do it again. A friend of ours jumped too and his feelings were the same.
Heading out to the plane.
A textbook landing

Getting a ride back to the hanger. The smile says it all!

Now, for the 'down' news. An MRI has confirmed that Cami has degenerative Disc Disease. We are going to take her to Children's Mercy because the specialists here have only offered 'pain management' and that there isn't any surgical option. How do you tell a 15 year old girl that the only relief she has to look forward to for the rest of her life is trying to manage the pain? And then, this specialist doesn't 'specialize' in Pediatrics. One of the management options he provided was to see a Rheumatologist and in the same breath told us that this specialist may not even see Cami because he doesn't deal much with pediatric patients either.... (So... why are you referring us then?!). The last time a Dr. told me nothing can be done was 7 years ago when the day Josie was born we were told she die within a year.

So we are going to CMH; maybe even to see Josie's Dr. I'd feel better to hear that there isn't anything that can be done from someone who actually specializes in pediatric spine issues. Cami is in pain every day, all day, and has been for months and has tried many of the 'management' options. i'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A day at the pumpkin patch

We went to "Gary's Berries" last Saturday. Taylor has been wanting to go through the corn maize they make every year. Josie wanted to pick out pumpkins. It was fun. It only took taylor and i 18 minutes to make it through the maize. the first year we were in there for over an hour.

Sunday afternoon, Josie was playing doctor again. She doesn't do it as much any more so i had to take a snapshot when i could... (the larger blue tub is full of all the medical equipment we've collected over the years - mainly IV tubing, pulmonary function tools, etc.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trying To Keep Up

Once again, so much is going on and i haven't found time to keep the blog updated so i'll miss a lot of it.

Over the last couple weeks some of us have caught the stomach bug that's going around. first me, then tracy, now cami is home sick today. her's is much more flu-like though.

taylor's football season has come to a close. it seemed to last forever since they only won one game. there is still a scrimmage planned against rossville for this saturday, but taylor wants to miss it because...

Tracy will be skydiving that day to celebrate her 40th birthday. we will go down to Osage, KS. her nephew, Keith and a co-worker of ours is going too. i'm perfectly fine watching from the ground.

this last saturday was the "Light The Night" cancer walk in topeka. the honorary person for this year's event was Hunter Treinen, Tracy's second cousin. he was featured on the radio ads, etc. it was a great event.

Cami will see a specialist about her back next week. they aren't going to send her to children's mercy afterall, yet. i'll let you know how the appointment goes (Oct. 27).
Josie gets her cast off November 3. she doesn't seem too bummed that she'll have to wear it on halloween.
then on november 5, we go to children's mercy to meet with josie's veptr doctor to see when the next rib surgery is going to be. we'll keep you posted on that as well.
oh, and the silver lake eagles remain undefeated!! there's a good chance we'll be heading to state game again, for the 8th (i think) straight year in a row! GO BIG LAKE!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

K-STATE Stadium

Taylor had a great time today playing at K-State. We lost, but he liked playing there all the same. The Wamego Red Raiders are really good for their age. they looked better than even the teams in our regular league. the last picture is Josie and one of her classmates.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

some good some bad

i took this photo of Taylor (24) after he made a fumble recovery. i didn't even realize it was him when i was taking the picture. this was our "home game" we play each season. each team in the league gets to play a game on their home field (we play all other games at the Sport Zone arena in Topeka). The first play of the game we threw a touchdown pass and continued to hold the 7-0 lead through amost a full three quarters.. then, well the bottom fell out and we lost 7-14. But taylor's name was called a number of times during the game for tackles, etc. it was great. unfortunately taylor's team is still winless. we were placed in the wrong league this year. sport zone thought we blew everyone out last year.... wrong silver lake team. we lost most of ours. but we didn't find out we were in the wrong league until half way through the season. i'm pretty sure we are done with the Sport Zone. it's just been one bad experience after another with them for three years now. i'll just leave it at that.

One thing that's exciting is that taylor's team will be playing Wamego tomorrow on the K-STATE field!!!! we'll be taking tons of video and pictures during thta game. i know it's going to be totally exciting for the kids.

Another great thing is Silver Lake (high school) just won the District Title last night against Riley County and remains undefeated this season!!!

To the bad news... We learned yesterday that Cami has two bulging discs in her lower back. not sure how she got them. the doctor in Topeka wants her to be seen at Children's Mercy in KC (where Josie goes for her surgeries). Surely Cami's dancing is going to be halted til further notice. she is not going to like that. i'll certainly post you after we meet wit the specialist there. that would be cool if it happened to be Josie's back doctor.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

bedtime stories

I took Josie in to see an orthopedic doctor (and long time friend) yesterday. Josie had a "buckle fracture" just above her wrist. As we waited in the casting room i began to talk with her about casts (that don't come off like her temporary one). ultimately it probably had less to do with my encouragement and more about her seeing that PINK was a color option. Couple that with the fact that she'd get the cast off before Halloween and she was all for it. and she especially liked that i suggested all her friends could sign it.

On the way back to school she talked about liking her cast. i told her everyone will think it's so cool, and she agreed, but replied with annoyance, "everyone's going to be following me all over!". Josie is keenly aware that everyone knows her and thinks she's the greatest - but she is quite clear about her displeasure with everyone giving her so much attention at times. kids will tell her hi in passing and Josie will turn to tracy or i and and say, "i don't even know who that is!".

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Teeter Totter Topple

We received a call yestderday afternoon from school that Josie fell at recess and hurt her arm - for which they cannot get her calmed down from. Our school doesn't currently have a full time nurse and she wasn't there at the time. Tracy went and picked her up. she complained of her arm hurting the remainder of the night and said she wanted to see the doctor. i took her in this morning for an x-ray and she indeed has a fracture near her wrist. We will see an orthopedist next week to see how to proceed.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Making history!!!

Tonight, not only did Silver Lake remain undefeated by beating St. Mary's (also undefeated going into this game) with a score of 36-14, but our head coach C.J. Hamilton has just joined the ranks of the elite!

Tonight C.J. won his 300th game - all at Silver Lake. He joins only two other coaches in Kansas High School football HISTORY to obtain such status!! They passed out those yellow flyers in the last few minutes of the game for our whole side to hold up in his honor (and to wave at the very quiet St. Mary's fans and players).


Friday, September 26, 2008

Move over Mr. Sticky

Well, i have to come to the realization that i've raised Mr. Sticky as much as i can. He's an adult now and comes and goes as he please. I have to trust i've instilled in him the right knowledge and morals and that he'll live those out. I haven't seen him in several days now.

But i have a new pet to write about - though i get the creepies just thinking about it. But, this morning as i leaned back in my chair at work and looked at the ceiling, i noticed a large brown spot in the flourescent light (i never turn those lights on cause one side of my office is windows). i couldn't make it out cause of the distortion in the plastic. I had a suspiction but went about my business. i looked back up a few moments later and the 'spot' had moved.

Well, the truth is, we have common pest here... cockroaches. but not like the ones that live at your house. these are about two inches long and and inch wide. one has obviously gotten in the light fixture and now can't get out. yes, i get the creepy shivers just thinking about this guy right over my head. but i don't really want to open the light and get him out either. so, for the time being, i give you...the African Gigantus Cockroachus Creepius, AKA Mr. Spot:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Subscribe to Josie's Blog!

Click on the link to the right (and down a little bit) that says 'subscribe to Josie's blog'. it gives you a message whenever there's a new post on her site. that way you don't have to worry about missing any updates. Especially the ongoing adventures of Mr. Sticky. on the drop down menu it lists a number of 'feed readers' that will receive the message when her site is updated - so you'd have to already have access to that, like google and yahoo.

i think i'll put a subscription link on the other photograph pages i have too. they just put another one on the news a couple nights ago during the weather forcast. if you like seeing the pictures i regularly take (sunsets, sunrises, storms, etc). there are more sunsets than anything.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mr. Sticky's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What wonderful news!!! I am so happy!
I was upstairs, ironing my clothes for tomorrow and Tracy comes up and says, nonchalantly, "the tree frog is back".... like it's no big deal!! This is reason to celebrate! I had to rush down stairs and see for myself - and then get the word out to you as fast as i could. I'm sure there were people out there praying for Mr. Sticky and I appreciate that so much.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sweet Tooth

I forgot to submit this yesterday, but, because Josie is so adorable and touches so many people...
just about every float that passed had kids yelling Josie's name and throwing her candy. The picture above is what Josie came home with. To put it in perspective, that bowl would hold at least a gallon of liquid.

Now for the sad news... Mr. Sticky has not yet returned. I fear the worst. On the door today is one of those very large black and yellow spiders. Mr. Scary pants spider probably chased Mr. Sticky off. I don't like spiders. We also seem to have an abundance of those lime green looking grasshoppers on the porch. I don't like them either. Farewell Mr. Sticky, farewell.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Homecoming '08 (It's hard to be humble)

Today was Silver Lake's homecoming - and our football game was against none other than our rivals - the Rossville Bulldawgs. The media has coined the phrase, "War on 24" every time we play each other. (for those of you unfamiliar, '24' is the 2-lane highway that runs through each of our towns. we're just a few miles apart)

This is how to TP a house! Small town kids know how to do it right.

This is the 5th grade (Taylor's) football team float. They took 2nd place.

So, to the game. I had to leave at the end of the 1st quarter to drive half an hour to Cami's school and watch her perform at half time, then turn around and drive back to Silver Lake to catch the rest of the game. When i left, it was 13 - 0, Silver Lake. When i returned with 3 minutes still left in the 3rd quarter the score was 40 - 0! The announcer stated over the loud speaker, "According to league rules, the play clock will now run continuously for the remainder of the game." Must have been cause we were 40 points ahead. Silver Lake went on to score another touchdown with less than a minute left on the clock and still managed to kick the extra point with 3 seconds left.

Big Lake wins BIG tonight; 47 - 0!!! I'll enjoy watching the highlights on the news here shortly. It was also the "game of the week" so they'll replay it again this weekend i think.

As for Mr. Sticky, I don't see him on the window tonight. Hope he's alright. I haven't gone out to check on him. He may have gone to the game too. I imagine it would take him a long time to hop back 6 miles.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mr. Sticky Fingers

Mr. Sticky Fingers (Sticky, for short), that's my new name for him, was back at home base tonight. It's hard to see but the red circle in the photo is a small moth that is caught in a spider web. i appropriately identified the circle as "dinner". it's not going to end well for the moth....

Poor moth. i couldn't snap the picture fast enough to catch Sticky in action. The moth did put up a little fight, however brief it was.

I give you Mr. Sticky Fingers... pay no attention to the door that is in desperate need of repainting. Sticky doesn't seem to mind, so i'm okay with it too!

The Tree Frog Chronicles

Mr. Frog is perservering. he has traveled from the middle of the right french door to the left side of the ledge of the transom window above the door. if he stays there he'll have a steady feast of bugs. i'll continue to bring you the status of his travels.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back Attack is Back

Josie always complains that she's cold in the morning. it's not cold, she's just difficult.

as for me, i've been dealing with my lower back for just over a week and a half now. usually when it goes out, it's fine in 3-4 days. we are on day 11. it has never been messed up for this long. i went to the chiropractor 6 days after the incident and had some very minor, brief relief. there is some relief in general. what was once a "9" on the pain scale is about a "6.5" now. i guess i should see my doctor but if it's muscular, that won't show up on x-rays. i started taking some muscle relaxers this morning that i had gotten last year for my back, but they're a year old and probably no good, however, they are making me quite drowsy. they haven't taken the pain away so now i'm just sore and ready to fall asleep.

there was no defining incident that messed my back up, but a combination of activities i think that just wore it out over the weekend of the men's retreat. it's deep in my lower spine; my sacrum. it feels like it's my hips.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Catching Up (again)

Alright, it's been a couple weeks since i've posted. Last weekend the Men's retreat was excellent. Bob and I couldn't have really asked for a better outcome - especially since it was our first attemp. Men loved it and were excited about bringing a bunch of other men next year (though we hadn't express to them there was going to be a next year). So it was a clear sense of God's desire for us to keep moving forward with this stuff. Very exciting!! Below are two pictures from Living Water Ranch, where we were. The first is the "Jesus Hill" and the second is the view of Tuttle Creek from our cabin.

Yesterday the kids noticed a tree frog was hanging out on our front door. Last night about bedtime i noticed the little guy was still there, making his way up the window so i snapped a shot.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Today i had a meeting in Abilene so i stopped through Chapman (town hit hard by a tornado in recent months). lots of active rebuilding which was great to see. i drove by several construction crews actively building. there were still several lots that just had the concrete foundation, many still damaged buildings and a few "brand new" houses that have been remodeled.

Tonight Josie performed her cheer routine at Silver Lake's SODA scrimmage. she talked of being nervous, but she sure looked like she was having a blast out there!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fireplace is done!

A friend of ours from church came over this last weekend and rebuilt (refaced) our fireplace. i love the structural desing of the original, but it was cracking all over and falling apart and we wouldn't have been able to 'preserve' it for use. So we gave our friend free reign to desing something else. this is what we got. it's a tumbled brick so it looks old with chips and scratches and looks like it's been there. it will also be a little lighter than what you see. that brick soaks up a ton of moisture from the mortar. what do you think? (i've just gotta put crown molding back up).

OH, and the first thing Josie asked as they were cleaning up and she was thuroughly inspecting the new structure.... she asked is Santa could still get down this one! our friend asured her that Santa was going to LOVE this one.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Partial good news!!

The detective on our burglary case sent me a photo of a jewelry box matching Tracy's that shows a bunch of jewelry inside. the box looked just like hers but the jewelry was too fuzzy tell what they were. however, i happen to notice a small padlock that was partially visible and i asked him if it said "TSA" on the lock. it did! when seeing the padlock i remembered that i had our luggage padlocks in the jewelry box (no reason). the detective said, "that's good enough" to confiscate all the items. about an hour later tracy and i went to the sheriff's department to look at the jewelry. The jewelry box was Tracy's, but damaged. and few pieces of jewelry were identified as hers, including the gold locket with taylor and josie's picutres still in it! but the chain was gone. the other two pieces of jewelry were actually ones we DIDN'T have on the list (but not expensive either). and i got my luggage padlocks back!! ha! i didn't have those on the stolen property list either cause i didn't think of them til i saw the picture the detective sent us.

now for the less than great news, the owner's home that the property was found in is a long time ciminal in Topeka. but since so much time has passed since the burglary, he can only be charged with possession of stolen property. he was already in jail on a parole violation so our property is in addition to the legal trouble he's already in. but there were several other burglary case property items found in his home as well - one from about 3 years ago!

we are hoping this new info will help put Taylor at ease. he still will not go to sleep unless we are in his room (we sit just inside the door til he falls asleep).

our biggest prayer right now is that when the detective talks with the guy on Monday, that he'll confess to at least where the other jewelry is. we don't have any false hope in this - he is a 'seasoned criminal' and will likely not divulge any info at all. but that's what prayer's for, right?

and also prayer that this event will help ease taylor's fears. he said that was 'cool' when i called to tell him the good news.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day Of School

Josie's a first grader

Taylor's a fifth grader

Cami's a sophomore

Monday, August 11, 2008

Continued attacks

Josie took it upon herself to make this collage of the pictures in her photo box. if you click on it, it enlarge it so you can see the individual photos.

The Enemy seems to be working overtime on the Martin Family - or just me personally. I know he doesn't want this men's retreat i am co-hosting in September to happen. It's a copy of the men's retreat Bob and I went to in Colorado last February.
Yerstday afternoon Josie woke from her nap with a 101.9 fever. By evening it was 103.9. She had massive tonsils and then she threw up. Taylor is still struggling with the break in and requires us to often lay with him at bedtime so he won't fall asleep at alone. i'm downstairs with Josie, Tracy's upstairs with Taylor and i get a call... It's Courtney saying she's on the way with Cami to the hospital, via abulance.
Cami was experiencing shortness of breath and a high heart rate. She later was throwing up at the hospital. i called a local nurse helpline to see if i needed to bring Josie to the doctor. i was torn about leaving to go be with Cami when Josie is also on the verge of needing medical attention. so i thought i'd check to see if i should just bring her in with me to the ER.... The decision was no so i headed off a little after 1:00am to see Cami. All her tests came out fine (with the exception of an elevated white count in her urine). So i left for home at 3:00am and getting in bed by 3:30; waking at 6:0o to go to work. i took the afternoon of to go back home and rest.
Tracy took Josie to the doctor today to find it's only viral.... nothing we can do, except to take off more work while she has this fever. I will most likely be staying home tomorrow with her.
That's it in a nutshell - so far. Cami is home and resting. i'll call and check on her in a little bit. she has to take off the next 48 hours of dance practice that started up today.
Well, Josie is asking me when i'm going to come color with her (i keep telling her when i'm done with this blog) - so i better go. i'll let you know of any new developments (like that the new combination of creams for her psoriasis may not be helping afterall).....

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Home Invasion

Most all of you know that our house was burglarized last thursday. I just finished installing a new, steel, door today. And a security system will be installed ASAP. it's sad it comes to this efore taking these kinds of precautions. plus, you just have this naivity that you're so far out in the country that your safe from stuff like this. Tracy learned yesterday that three other silver lake residents were burglarized too! must be the same person/group. taylor continues to be completely freaked out about it. tracy said he cried on the way home from football practice last night. he won't go anywhere by himself.

as for Josie.... i stayed home Friday to await the potential return of the thief (as there were MANY goods they did not take). no such luck. but the FIRST thing josie asked me when they got home was, "daddy, did he come back?" with a smile on her face. she was ready to hear about daddy getting the bad guy.

now we are just rying to compile a list of all the jewelry that was taken and rounding up other receipts. that's all for now.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Next Treatment

We were just prescribed yet another combination of creams and oral medicine to hopefully knock out this rampant psoriasis Josie has going on.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Skin Problems

Josie's breakouts have not gotten better. the majority of her back is covered in psoriasis and what appeared to be ring worm, but that was confirmed negative. it continues to itch like crazy and she's got spots on her arms, legs, and scalp. So the skin doc called today to say she wants to see Josie tomorrow morning to get this figured out. So we'll be heading off to CMH in the morning. i will post you when i get back to work (out home computer is down, permanently and we're awaiting the new one).

please be in prayer that the doctor(s) can figure out what this is and find a treatment that will remove it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dr. Campbell leaves SA

Hey guys,

Earlier this year i posted about the passing of Dr. Melvin Smith; co-creator of the titanium rib implants that Josie has. It is now official that Dr. Robert Campbell; co-creator or the rib is leaving San Antonio (where this whole titanium rib journey started) to move onto another chapter in his life. i know he will be greatly missed there and wished well for his new endeavor in Philadelphia. Approximately 22 years ago Dr. Campbell was approached by Dr. Smith to come up with a device to help a single child in need. that meeting not only benefited one child but has grown to saving the lives of thousands of children WORLDWIDE who had no hope of surviving. Kid's like Josie, whose parents were told on the day of her birth that she would die in a year. I have pasted his letter to the rib families below. Farewell, Dr. Campbell.... continue your mission of hope.

Dear Titanium Rib Families,

It is with mixed emotions that I must announce that my family and I will be leaving San Antonio in mid-October, 2008. I have accepted a position at the Division of Orthopaedics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and will begin work at CHOP November 1st. I plan to build a multi-specialty center of excellence in Philadelphia which will specialize in advanced treatment and research of thoracic insufficiency syndrome with the titanium rib remaining the current standard of care.

It was a difficult decision to leave San Antonio after 22 years, but I am confident that the Thoracic Institute will continue in its mission to provide the best care possible with Dr. Walt Simmons as the new executive director with the continuing support of the administrative and physician staff.

Corey and I want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported us over the years. San Antonio has been a great place. We wish the best for the UT Health Science Center as well as the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital. I especially want to thank everyone at the Thoracic Institute, both past and present staff, for the wonderful job they have done. I will miss everyone.

Sincerely yours,

Robert M. Campbell, Jr., MD

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cheer Camp

Josie started cheer camp yesterday and was awarded the coveted 'spirit stick'. each day this week the recipient is to decorate part of the stick that night. on the last day (Thursday) one participant will recieve it to keep. We put on the maroon and gold strips on the ends. It was actually one of Josie's pony tail holders that we cut in half and hot-glued on there. Josie is very excited about camp. maybe i'll figure out how to put a video of her on youtube when we record thursday's performance.

Psoriasis issues

We took Josie to her skin doctor at Children's Mercy last week for a check up. It seems as though her psoriasis is getting much worse. The doctor feels part of it may actually be ring worm. they cultured it and will get results in about three weeks, but went ahead and gave us a prescription lotion to treat it. Well, it's not working, and is infact irritating her skin. so we've discontinued it and waiting to hear back for the doc on how to proceed.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Tree Fort

Taylor and i spent the weekend making the fort he's been wanting for several years. man, it was a lot of work and my body is so sore right now.

Friday, July 04, 2008

happy fourth!!!

This delayed shot is taylor running around with a sparkler.

Unfortunately, i wasn't back far enough to catch the full explosion.