Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ice Storm

We lost power at 1:00 AM tuesday morning and it did not come back on until Friday morning. the first night we set up the tent in th eliving room and all slept in there together to generate heat. when we woke up the thermostat said 54 degrees. so we went to tracy's parents. power returned for a few hours thursday evening but when it went off again, tracy took the kids back to her parents and i drove to maple hill to get tracy's sister's generator and i went back to the house to stay the night. the thermostat was down to 50. but in my heavy sleeping bag and a few blankets... i slept GREAT and was plenty warm. i was going to set the generator up in the morning - but we got power back befrore i could set it up. the picture above is our huge tree out front that has lost the whole top ot it and most the limbs in the middle, as you can see. the branches had at least half an inch of ice on them.

the news has reported electric companies from ten states have come to kansas to help restore power. before the storm even came, our governor had declared every county in the state (105), disaster areas. we thought we had it bad, but there are still many, many families areound the state and even within miles of us that still do not have power. please keep them in your prayers.

i don't have a picture but tonight was our church's 'gift' to topeka as for the third year we've put on a huge Christmas fireworks show out at Heartland Park Race track. it's called Shine The Light. This time, a friend and i helped set up the whole show. i just wanted a behind the scenes perspective and to help out. i didn't know we'd actually be wiring up the charges and fireworks. i mean we were responsible for getting 'power' to a lot of the fireworks. so, if they didn't go off like they were supposed to.... well, it was my friends fault, ha! just kidding. everything seemed to go off without a hitch. it was a great learning experience!

well that's all for now.

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