Thursday, November 29, 2007

No surgery for a while!

i'm not doing very well at posting updates, since they are so few and far between. but that's great too. recently Josie got her new foot brace. this will probably be the last one she has, at least for some time. she hardly wore her last one and she's been doing fine without it. so the foot dr. said if she does fine again this time, then we probably don't need to worry about her wearing a foot brace since she's doing fine without it.

then we met with her VEPTR doctor. they took x-rays and he said Josie still doesn't need a back surgery. so she can probably wait until the spring. that would be over a year without a back surgery!! incredible! and there is more great news.... the company that makes the titanium rods is coming out with a new version that's a lower profile (not as thick so it doesn't stick out under the skin like the original ones). and he plans to put those in Josie. she needs a new one back in her left side anyway from when he took it out in February so he'll put a low profile one in there, but he's also thinking about swapping out the one that's still in, with a thinner one!!

let's see, what else.... our Silver Lake Eagles had an undefeated football season and we drove down to Hutchinson for the 3A state championship game. it was against another undefeated team. the team we beat last year for the state title.... and we, got, smoked!!! man was it ugly. but kudos to them. it's their fist state football title, ever.

well, let me be done with this and see if my Packers can pull out a win against the Cowboys... it's not looking good.

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