Friday, October 12, 2007

Skin and Stuff

Josie had a followup appointmetn with her skin doctor earlier this week (regarding her psoriasis). all is looking well now that we've got a new prescription for that potent cream. it's knocking it out again.
Josie continues to lose more teeth. both front teeth are out now. so that's four teeth she's missing now. i think she's begun to wiggle another one. th tooth fairy is going to have to start budgeting in a lost tooth fund.

Tracy got into a minor accident last weekend. she hit a railroad crossing sign right down our street. the windshield was the worst, as it took the brunt of the sign. we should be getting the car back today. we have REALLY been spoiled with the rental car though. we've been driving the top of the line toyota Avalon with leather and power everything, and you name it. oh well.

all else is going well!

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