Monday, September 10, 2007

It's been a while

Wow, it's been two months since i've posted on here. Time flies when your busy.
Josie is up to three teeth she lost in less than three weeks. That was a little tough on the tooth fairy. afterall, my teeth were only worth a fraction of what they seem to be worth today when i was Josie's age!
Josie has been doing great. this darn psoriasis continues to reak havoc on her though. it is spreading more to her sides and on her legs an arms, a spot or two on her neck and face. the soonest we can get into the skin doctor is October 31. which means Josie will miss her halloween party at school. I assume we are still on schedule to have another rib surgery in December (if we can get the psoriasis knocked out on her incision sites).
Taylor is full swing into his football season. they played their first game last saturday. unfortunately they lost. they got within a few yards of scoring (to win) when the time ran out. he assisted in a sack (tackeling the quarterback) which is great. he's geting a little more aggressive out there. Today he got fitted for his retainers. He has begun the orthodontic work to get his mouth ready for braces. he has to have those devices that gradually spread his bite out (he has a narrow pallet). fun fun.
Cami continues with the Thunderettes High School Dance Team. Their first game performance will be this Friday night. I still can't comprehend that she will be an adult in a little more than three years. is that possible?! She's been bugging us to get her license. of course, i am in no hurry. I didn't have one til i was 16, and i still wasn't responsible enough to have one then. Truth be know, i have let her drive a few times on our country back roads. She has done quite well really. But driving with your dad in the passenger seat is much different that alone or with friends.
We finally finished some major remodeling on the house. well, there are still a few finishing touches to be done. all that's left to be remodeled is the kitchen, bathroom, and office. i'll try an post some before an afters of the living room and diningroom remodel.
We got another batch of kittens to try and keep around (barn cats). our neighbor to the south had a whole mess of kitchens. so a few days ago we took four. and by the morning 3 of them went back to their house. so now i've got five in a large rabbit cage, hopefully aclamating them to our propert for a day or two. i'll let them out tonight and see if they stay.
that's about it for now.

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