Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Still Here...

Okay, it's been a while since i've been here to post anything. It's actually a good thing, but i suppose i could be updating you on other stuff besides dr. appointments and marathon training (which i start again in two weeks).

Tracy took this photo last weekend. her and taylor played in the pool for HOURS.

Josie has been doing great! no problems related to her back. the psoriasis still hangs around on her incisions but i suspect that'll be a long term problem from now on. Tracy bought Josie some new Crocks and discovered for the first time it appears we are going to have to actually start bying her two pairs of shoes of different sizes. her right foot has always maintained being a half inch shorter than her left and the brace made up the difference. but now it's one inch shorter. She sees the foot doctor in September. and her next rib surgery won't happen until December - that is great news!! I have mentioned to a friend that we need to look at organizing another fundraiser. i believe we have enough to cover her for one more year, but i don't like waiting til the money is nearly gone.

Taylor is in his last week of the baseball season with the tournament this weekend. i'm not happy that it starts on Sunday and Sunday mid morning to boot. i think his first game will be at 11:15 as apposed to 9:00, but it's still not enough time to get to church. He is one of the pitchers and plays outfield. We are trying to find him some golf lessons yet this summer too.

Cami just had her dance recital last week at TPAC. She also took a friend to Worlds of Fun with the church youth group Monday. She said they had a blast. I don't recall if i posted this already but she had also made the Shawnee Heights High School Thunderettes Dance Squad. Lots of early morning practices and they go to Emporia State the last weekend in June for a clinic and competition. She seems to enjoy it, but is tired a lot more now.

Tracy & I:
We are still deep in the remodeling of our dining room and living room. it is going to look AWESOME when we are done, but it is taking forever. i still plan to be all done within the first week of July - depending when the flooring gets started and done. we're finally going to put carpet in the living room. i know everyone LOVES the original hardwood we have - and we do too, but carpet in the one room will make it so much cozier in there. they are going to refinish the hardwood in the diningroom. this summer schedule is making it impossible for me to get work done.

well, that's plenty long enough. i'll send an update after Taylor's tournament.

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