Sunday, April 29, 2007

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

i have some more dramatic photos of the memorial, but the file size is too large to upload on this site. it was neat that while there a momma duck and her ducklings came walking into the reflecting pool.
well, this last friday Tracy, I, my running partner and his wife drove to OKC to run in the OKC HALF marathon. the day before the race (yesterday) Bob and i walked to the start line to see how far it was to the hotel. The start line was actually directly behind the wall in the picture. As we were walking back, Bob had this rediculous idea that we should try and run the WHOLE marathon. even though we'd only trained for a half and the longest prior training run was 10 miles. ideally you want to run at least 20 miles in prep for a marathon. so i say yes. geez.
they also had the option of a 4:30 AM start (for those that want to walk and those who cannot finish it within 6 hours), instead of 6:30 AM. The first goal, obviously was simply making it across the finish line. secondly we had a goal of making it within 6 hours. up through 20 miles we were AHEAD of pace, but feeling tired. by 22 miles i was done. i tried to keep up, but my legs were shot, i was starving, and had an upset stomach. i told Bob i would truly have no hard feelings if he wanted to continue on (running), but i for one had to walk. But even with my walking, i could still make it across the finish within 6 hours. so i preceded to walk most all of the last four miles. i started to run when i saw the finish line in the distance and my right hamstring started to cramp up. so i walked to within probably 150 yards and was able to run strong through the finish with less than a MINUTE to spare!! less than 6 hours.
now here's the amazing and sad part.... my first two marathons i ran in roughly 5 hours 38 minutes. this marathon, that i was ILL trained for.. i ran in just 20 minutes more. and the last few weeks of training i was running only once a week. and i broke the cardinal rule, "nothing new the day of the race".. i ran a marathon with only half the training, i ate a nasty protein bar for breakfast that i never tried before and brought along some cookies on the run that i had never tried before. no wonder my stomach was upset the whole time. so i ate nothing but a few pretzels over the last 5-6 miles. BUT I FEEL JUST AS GOOD AS I DID AFTER RUNNING CHICAGO!!! how can that be??????? don't get me wrong, i HURT! but i can get up and around well, even climbing up and down the stairs. i will however be taking an unscheduled day off tomorrow, to fully recoupe. i didn't want to , but i didn't plan on running a full marathon either.

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i am so proud of you