Wednesday, March 07, 2007

IEP History!

We had a great IEP meeting on Josie this morning. An IEP is an "Individual Education Plan" in school for kids with learning disabilities, behavior disabilities and/or physical disabilities. Josie has had one for three years now because of her physical disabilities.

and last year at the review we were disheartened to learn that they recommended Josie be held back another year in pre-school. This morning they reported that this last year was great for Josie, and in fact, they don't even feel like she needs an IEP anymore!! she could always meet the "physical" eligibility for one, but developmentally she is fine. she is on par with everyone else and there would be no reason to have a "para" assinged just for her. so we discussed wither discontinuing the IEP after this school year or as a safe guard, has some minimal, general IEP in place in the event she would start to fall behind.. even even that would not be necessary really.

So, awesome news for Josie!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Josie! I was not surprised that you are doing so well. Keep up the good work.