Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Post-op Day One 02/16/07

well, where to begin? i forgot to bring my laptop power cord so hopefully i'll have enough juice to get this email out in the first place.

things didn't go as planned today. the surgery itself was fine but once she was closed up the doc noticed her skin was blanching (like how your knuckles look white when making a fist cause there is no blood getting there) over the lower cradle that has been sticking out for some time.

so he wanted to watch if for a few hours to see if it went away. well, the blanching got better but now there was a "bruise" developing which gives alarm to some deep tissue bruising where that cradles been pushing against the skin.so, Josie went back into surgery later this evening to "release" the expansion he did this morning to see if it helped. it didn't really so ultimately he took the left rod out, leaving the top cradle. (cradles are the top and bottom "circles" that attach to Josie's ribs).

the next step will be to put a new rod in at some point. it most likely won't be a rib to rid rod again, but a rib to lower spine rod. it all depends on hos Josie responds to not having a rod in that side any more. if she continues to breath well, etc, then they may wait until Josie is due for another expansion.

which is another thing. because of josie's disorder, her bones (spine) grows very very slowly and minmally and having an expansion every six months may have proved too much for her. we might go a whole year or so before the next expansion.

hopefully she can still go home tomorrow. i've decided to stay at the hospital tonight due to the freak "blizzard" we got. i don't know if i'll have anough battery to email you tomorrow until we get home. i will send a short one if for some reason we don't go home.

well, better go. thanks for the continued prayers. today was kind of a set back, but the doc treated it very aggressively to actually have better results later on.

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