Monday, January 22, 2007

Kevin Update

We went to see Kevin after church yesterday. He has been moved off the ICU floor and up to the 7th. He continues to do well. He looks great. He is angry all the time. He won't answer most questions asked of him and he shows his annoyance of having to answer any question what-so-ever. It's my understanding this "hatefullness" is very common with brain injury/surgery patients. but i can see how it would be hard to not take it personally. But so far all test have been positive. I hope he continues to progress and be out of the hospital soon.

The kids and i made a snowman family portrait out in our yard yesterday too. we finally got a 'real' snowfall this weekend. i didn't measure it but somewhere around 5-6 inches i think. it was VERY pretty first thing Sunday morning. I'll post a picture of the snowman family tomorrow.

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