Friday, December 08, 2006

Josie Update

Wow, it's been a while since my last post! not much has been going on i guess, until recently.

i took josie to an appointment with her "foot doctor" to see how her right foot/leg continues to develop. He says everything looks good and is pleased. he did say that he'd look at performing another corrective surgery on her leg in about two years. i don't know what it's called but they would cut through her leg bone, above the ankle and rotate her foot to a more straight forward position. it still curves in like a pigeon toe or club foot.

We went on a family vacation to Silver Dollar City last weekend. We used the free "passport" we received from the Give Kids The World Village. we just paid for travel and hotel. and travel... we picked the day after a huge snow storm to drive down there. most of the way, the areas received about a foot of snow. the road way was snow packed, even after the sanders and graters. we were one a only a few cars traveling south that day so that was good too.

the problem was when we got to Silver Dollar City, parts of the park were closed down due to ice accumulation, specifically the kids section that had lots of rides and activites for them. so the day itself was kind of a bust. not much for the kids. the hotel was a huge dissappointment too.

we went to the worlds largest toy museum and the owner not only knew "exactly" where the small town we lived in was(when we told him), but he talked of Rossville and he knew the pastor of the church there. he has sung there before. very cool. it's hard enough to find someone out of state whose heard of Topeka - the CAPITOL of Kansas, let alone a small town called Silver Lake.

i think that's about it. i have a long list of home repairs to do this winter and spring but this year i purposely did not schedule any work during the month of December. I'm tired of year after year watching Christmas fly by cause we are so busy and not giving any thought to the real reason for the season. but even with that, we still find ourselves busy this month and the first week has flown by. Christmas will be here in 17 days....

If i don't have anything to report before then, Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!!

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