Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hell Week

really that title is misleading since i have been fairly optomistic around the runs, but this week culminates with the "dreaded" 20 mile run this Saturday. the longest run of the training. on the positive side, Bob and i will be running together. on the negative, due to scheduling we are going to have to run in in the evening! from like 6-10 PM. and at 6:00 it's still going to be in the 80's, possibly still UPPER 80's.... that is NOT fun to run in. we can only hope for a rapid cool down once the sun goes down, but i doubt it. and what's going to kill me is running too fast too soon. if i run what i feel is comfortable, it's too fast to sustain 16-20 miles. if i manage to run as slow as i need to at the start i get more leg/foot pain. it seems to be more taxing on the body/legs to run slower/too slow in general. i hate the leg pain when it happens, but i will likely have to endure it the first 4-6 miles to finish the marathon.

As for josie, her psoriasis continues to look better and better. it's still obviously "there". but hopefully come February, it'll be gone. we'll keep you updated.

if you're out and about in SW Topeka Saturday night, you may catch a glimpse of Bob and I running. part of our 20 miler will be the north side of 21st street between fairlawn and Gage. most the rest of it is in residential areas - out and backs from approximately 17th and Macvicar.

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You can do it, yes you can!