Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chicago or Bust!

We leave tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM! The weather forcast continue to decline. As of right now, Sunday will be a high of 46 and a 30% chance of rain and snow. Saturday is a 60% chance of rain and snow. It will probably be somewhere around 40 degrees at race start, or colder.

I am actually not at all detered by this. cold is better than heat, but i just want to make sure i dress accordingly. it's one thing to dress for marathon class in the winter when you are only running a handfull of miles. it's different to be out in it for five hours. I suspect the forcast will worsen before race day.

it's still very exciting! Chicago will be exciting. Going to a Saturday night service at Willow Creek Church will be exciting.. it's just going to be a great trip that ends with a potentially miserbal five hour run and 9 hour car ride home!

If i think about it tonight, i'll update the blog with my "bib number". with that, and at the appropriate website, you can track my current race place in real time. of course, hopefully most of you will be in church , when i'm running, ha, but if you're not, check the website and see where i'm at (i'll post the website too). Now, with 40,000 runners, i expect i'll be somewhere in the last 5,000 -10,000. that is purely a guess though.

Everything about this race is so awesome. they provide for everything. there are aid stations (for water/gatorade) about every 1 1/2 miles, restrooms at every aid station, live bands and other entertainment at least every mile (there are 30 entertainment spots), they are giving out power gel packets (gel for calories, etc) at one station and bananas at another.... it's just gonna be awesome!

for those of you with high speed internet access, check out and click on the "news and features" link on the left. from there you can view a streaming video of the route we run (fast forward film in a car) and highlights from last year's marathon.

i'm very excited! pray for safety on the way down (and back) and safety on the run. We'll get back late Sunday night.

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