Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Upcoming events

This Sunday i leave for Rhode Island. My "job" asked me if i wanted to attend a training there... just me, wow! i'll fly out of KCI Sunday at 11:30AM and return Wednesday evening around 4:30. i really enjoy flying, but i'm quite nervous about having to switch flights, aspecially being by myself in a HUGE airport in another state (Chicago). Then there is the matter of being "alone" in another state for several days... no familiar faces at all. i tend to be a loner, but i will still feel quite lonely there. please pray for safe travel to and from, no problems with flights, hotels, you name it. pray for Tracy as she will be the sole caretaker of the kids that whole time too. i know that will be stressful on her. i will be taking the laptop with me i think (I just bought josie a new software game at her bookfair tonight, so i may not be able to!)

As for Josie, we are taking her to see a dermatologist on Wednesday (well, Tracy will, before she picks me up) at CMH. she has develped quite a rash of some sort on her back ever since the last surgery. we thinks its some form of allergic reaction to the tape or something, but nothing we've tried (over the counter and prescription) has worked to clear it up. the rash itself may not be a huge concern but if it's not cleared up, they will NOT operate on her since the breakout is all around the incision sites.... and THAT will be a problem. so please pray that an answer will be found next Wednesday and it can be cleared up before her next surgery in February.

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