Sunday, September 03, 2006

smooth sailing today

Bob and I ran 9 miles before church this AM. i seem to be consistently inconsistent. i'll have a great long run followed by a bad one, etc.. last week i really blew it on the 12 mile run. This morning 9 miles was a breeze!!!!

for those in Topeka, we ran down Macvicar from 17 to 21st, 21st to Gage, Gage to 29th, 29th to Wanamaker, Wanamaker to 21st, 21st to Macvicar and Macvicar to 17th.

Bob said we were running at a 10 minute pace average. according to the stopwatch our average time was 11:19, which is just 11 seconds off (faster) where i needed to be. but when you factor in waiting for a few stop lights, etc, we actually did run it in the 10's. which is significantly FASTER than i should have been running it. but i am really struggling to run it as slow as i need to. this pace felt great to me - but, i'm sure that pace won't feel good come mile 13 when i still have another half marathon to run!

my left ankle has been hurting again. i started to feel a little bit of something a couple weeks ago, but then last Tuesday i ran some ALL OUT splits that didn't help at all. and it's getting alittle stiff; no swelling but stiff. i'll have to keep a watch on that. my knees have also begun to hurt a little bit during the last couple long runs.

Taylor and Josie get their shots on Tuesday to keep their immunizations up to date, yeah! Cami should be starting dance again sometime soon. Taylor weel into his football season. they won their first game. they have a game this Wednesday night. he plays an offensive lineman (offensive guard). that's it for now, gotta watch a movie with the kids.

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