Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Running Solo

My running partner came down sick last week so i had to run 16 miles on my own!! Earlier this spring i would not have even contemplated it. This time around, considering how well, mentally, i've been feeling about running and the recent successful runs... i was not petrified by it. actually, i almost welcomed the challenge. that would be a first for me - running 16 miles alone.

Well, the weather had different ideas and it was projected to rain/storm off and on all weekend. i mapped out an 8 mile out and back from my house which is just short of a mile from 75 hiway. i brought a headset to boost my morale and get my mind off running. but i didn't turn it on the first two miles cause it was pitch black still at 6am in the country. i loosened up by mile five and the tunes were a blessing!! before i knew it i was almost at mile 8! it remained cloudy and occasionally thundered. just as i neared the turn around, my wife pulls up beside me in the car. aparently she was awakened by the thunder and lightening, and rain. it was working it's way in my direction. i don't mind the rain at all, but i suppose it's not wise to run in lightning with an electrical device strapped to your arm and head.... so i took the ride. no more than we turned around when the rain started. it would pour and stop, pour and stop all the way back.

i got home and decided to run the remaining 8 miles on the treadmill. a mile and a half into it the power flickered and the treadmill stopped (good thing i wasn't running fast). at 3 miles my left foot began to hurt - felt like a blister forming so i decided to stop. oh, ya, the day before i bought new running shoes and this was the first day i wore them. turns out i did get a blister, but very small.

my partner intends to run the 16 miles this coming Saturday which would normally be a 10 mile run - per our schedule, so since i only ran 11 this time, i'll go ahead and run 16 again with him. i am confident i could have run the whole 16 on my own, all alone, which is an incredible psychological boost for me!!!! i am getting more an more excited about the marathon!!!! the guy that sold me my shoes in KC had nothing but awesome things to say about the Chicago marathon so i am even MORE psyched! i am getting more and more confident that i will "easily" make my 10:30 mile goal and finish this marathon near 4 1/2 hours! remember my first one was almost 5 hours 40 minutes!

i realize if i go out and run a marathon like that in October it will be even harder to "retire" from the running scene, but training for a marathon is such a time commitment and money commitment... and family needs to come first.

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