Saturday, September 23, 2006


Well, as you can guess from the title, we have found out what Josie's break-out condition is. She has "Guttate Psoriasis". it is the kind of psoriasis you can get after a bout of strep throat.

If you'll recall, Josie contracted strep the week before her back surgery. she wasn't completely finished with her antibiotics before surgery. then she contracted strep two more times in the following 4 weeks. And some of the things believed to contribute to psoriasis is emotional stress (of the pending surgery), injury to skin (which is why her psoriasis is concentrated around her incision spots), reaction to to certain drugs, and then some types of infections (ie. the strep).

she has three creams/ointments we have to put on her body every night and she has an antiobiotic she takes daily. the doc thinks it should be pretty cleared up in a month. hope so! we've noticed a difference just in the last two days. psoriasis is a life long problem - but hopefully josie's will remain in remission as long as she doesn't get strep again. if this continues to be a problem, or doesn't clear up, etc, they may look at taking her tonsils out.


Anonymous said...

hey dad,
well im sorry your truck broke down!! and i hope josie gets better! i had SOOO much fun the night i went to covanet!!
i hope i can do that again!!
ok well i got to go to dance
love you

familyman5 said...

me too, but the nice thing about old vehicles is that i'ts probably not a big deal to fix and cheap!

glad you had fun at Covenant. i'm sure you'll have the opportunity to fisit again sometime.