Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The excitement builds

I have mentioned in the past how this training is far better and more satisfying than the previous marathon training. ya know, when i asked my doctor if i was okay to train for a marathon, aside from saying yes, he said it usually takes about 6-8 weeks to break through the pain of running. and i never "broke through" last time. i went the whole 4 months in pain. this time around, i have experienced minimal pain. so for me, it's taken a marathon to break through the pain of becoming runner. that itself is enough to discourage anyone from taking up the hobby.

the last few weeks i had been on a high (feeling great about the marathon), then last sunday, having had to run a third time by my self for the long runs, my motivational tank finally ran out and instead of running a half marathon distance, i only ran about 7. and i was discouraged. luckily, it took only running one time with my partner, yesterday morning to get me back on track and excited. we ran 8 YASSO 800's (8 X 800 meters = 4 miles). we took a two minute break after each 800. my professor told me i needed to be running each 800 in 4 min 35 secs as part of my 10:30 mile marathon goal. well i ran every one at an even faster pace. not cause i was trying to but because, again, it just felt comfortable. i didn't get tired until the 7th run, but on the 8th and final run we decided to push it as much as we could. we knocked about MINUTE off the time which equates to about a 7 minute 20 sec mile (if we ran a whole mile). i didn't even run a mile that fast in January for class, let alone after 3 previous 8 minute miles.

now, i couldn't have kept that pace for another half mile but it was such a boot to run at that speed after having already run 3 1/2 miles. the previous 7 runs were at close to 8 minute mile pace.

once my professor reads this blog, i may get scolded because he put much effort into essentially mapping out my training program (speed wise) and the last thing he said was, "never" run faster than 8 minute miles.....oops. Sorry Dr. P.

The marathon is FAST approaching. this weekend is a 3 hour run, then next week is the last long run... the dreaded Twenty-Miler!!!!! but i'm excited! i may feel differently at the end of that run, but at least i'll have two weeks of relative rest (easy running) before Chicago to re-coop!


Bob lane said...

It is awesome to see you are starting to see some running without pain. I'm proud of you for sticking with it. Keep it up!

familyman5 said...

hey Bro, thanks for the continued encouragement. this morning's 3 hour run didn't go as well. i lost all steam at about 15 miles of the 16. i simply ran too fast. we were everaging 10 and a half minute miles which is supposed to be my marathon time, but at 15 miles, i still got 11 more to run!!! we'll just see how the 20 miler goes next week.

Anonymous said...

hey dad,
today was a good day.. well kinda, me and maci are still fighting.. but im kinda over that. even thou i wish we could still be friends... but other than that it was fun
well i will see you tomorrow for dance
love you