Thursday, August 10, 2006

Post-op Visit

i took josie to Children's Mercy yesterday for her surgery follow up appointment. they took off her bandages and took post op xrays. she will need a replacement next time on the right side. they will CT only her cradles (the loops that connect to the ribs) instead of her whole back. they want to see how they look on her bones - if they are migrating or moving. after this last expansion, the rod on her right side is pushed up higher into her neck. if you push down on the muscle between her neck and shoulder, you can feel the top of the cradle. once i get digital pics of the xrays, i'lll post them so you know what i'm talking about. basically, the rod is pushing up on the rib with such pressure, her rib is bending. maybe i'll scan the paper xray i have to see if it comes out.... nope the file size is too big too upload. i'll see if Dr. Price's nurse can email me the digital pics.

Bob and i ran the 9 miler last saturday. i ran too fast. we ran the first 6 miles at sub-10 minute per mile pace. i was losing steam at 5 miles. by the last two miles, i had to take extra walk breaks to finish. this weekend is the 'timed 10k' (6.2 miles). this would be the run i would be shooting for 10 minute miles cause you are 'racing' basically. i will be shooting for 10:30's though - which is my goal marathon time. i'm gonna train as much as i can at a pace of 10 minute 30 second miles for the marathon. but i'll be satisfied if i can maintain 11 minute miles in October.

welp, that's it for now, i think.


Anonymous said...

what does it mean she needs a replacement? well i love you

familyman5 said...

remember, that's when they take out the shorter rod and put in a longer one.

it also means we will be in the hopital 2-3 days insteady of getting out the same day or even the next. :-(