Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Changing my mind?

Okay, if only all my workouts were this awesome, i might i have to rethink my "retirement" after the Chicago marathon!!!

This morning was a PMP (predicting marathon pace) 7 mile run. Since i want to run a 10:30 mile i set my watch for 2 minute, 40 second 400 meter intervals. the Shunga Trail where we run is marked off every 400 meters. and 2 minutes, 40 seconds every 400 meter gives me a little more than a 10 and half minute mile (i was cautious).

now i've been sick with a cold since last Friday afternoon and i almost went home early yesterday and stayed in bed ALL evening. that's why i gave myself a few extra seconds per 400 meters.

plus, even though Bob and i run together - we will no longer really be running "together"... he's a faster runner period and to run "with" me would hinder his own performance. so this morning i also had to run the whole 7 miles on my own. yet one more reason to get discouraged.

As expected, within the first 400 meters i was feeling pain/burning in my lower legs. and i was struggling to run "on pace".... i was going too FAST. within a mile i was able to maintain my 2:40 pace. and a really cool thing was happening; my legs/feet didn't get worse. they actually subsided some. i focused on my breathing and counting the 400 meter red stripes. before i knew it, i was half way done and ready to turn around. i hadn't yet stopped for a walk break. a half mile into the return run and i decided i should stop for some water at least. so i stopped for a mere 15 seconds for water and was off again. and i was running FASTER. i decreased my 400 intervals by TWENTY seconds! i was now running faster than a 9 minute 30 second mile! and i MAINTAINED that pace for two miles.

but it doesn't stop there... that last half mile i decided to kick it up a notch again! i shaved off another 15 seconds per interval (now a 2 minute, 5 second 400). i ran the last half mile of the run at a little over a EIGHT AND A HALF MINUTE MILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now, does that mean i'm ready to run a 10:30 mile marathon? heck no. but it does mean my speed is increasing and judging by the way i ran the last half mile, i could have run the first three and a half miles at a faster pace. this morning my time averaged out to be about a 10 minute mile - for seven miles straight!!!

and i've never run that far without taking walk breaks. and i've never run that far, feeling so good about it.....

this morning was just amazing!!

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