Monday, August 28, 2006

And.... we're back.

To reality that is.

Saturday was the 12 Auburn Run. But, instead of running anew rout (to keep my ankle off the unstable gravel part of the way), and to drive there to drop a car off so we can get back, etc, etc. we decided to make it the Silver Lake Run. Our house is 6 miles north of "in town" Silver Lake. So we dropped our drinks off along the way to town and then ran to my house and back.

the first six miles were great. the first three miles were a little fast but by the time we got to my house - the half way point - we were averaging 11:30 minute miles; right on target. but i was feeling a little tired. a mile back from my house i was fumbling with my bottle of gatorade and trying to open a gel pack and dropped my bottle. as i tried to slow down and bend down at the same time, i almost fell over (losing my balance).

that one single event kick started a rapid downhill progression. it seemed to immediately wipe out my energy. at mile 8 i was really feeling it - tired. my legs were leaving me. and for all purposes, by mile 9 i "hit the wall".

but here's a little back ground info that contributed to that failed run:
1. we walked only during the fluid breaks - or every 30-35 minutes (i'm used to walking every 12 minutes tops)
2. i probably didn't eat enough for lunch (quality carbs and protein) to support my run.
3. i tried to eat less on the run - to see if too much gel, too early was contributing to my upset stomach on long runs.
4. the gel i DID bring were new flavors i had never tried before. and they were nasty. so i couldn't even eat the gel i did bring.
5. i didn't have enough fluids in my body when i started ( i didn't pre-hydrate).

so, yes, i was probably doomed from the start. and though dropping my bottle is not what sabotaged the run, i think it was that i expended what energy i had left when i tried to pick it up while still running.

afterwards i couldn't eat or drink for some time due to my stomach queeziness. i did at least walk the remaining 3 miles. my knees were throbbing with pain and i could not stop sweating. i lost approximate 10 pounds of fluid on that run and i couldn't rehydrate my self til at least an hour or so after the run.

hard lesson learned.

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