Wednesday, July 26, 2006

waiting for results

Earlier this week we got confirmation from anesthesiology to go ahead with surgery. We are waiting for final confirmation from her surgeon, today.

this morning i was shaking up her Amoxicillin and the lid wasn't on fully and the bottle flew out of my hands and onto the kitchen floor (and my pants). So i just talked with her doctor to get a 'refill' today.

my ankle seems to have stalled out on it's progress. it's about the same as my last report below. the swelling is "mostly" down and i can walk on it easily, but there is still some stiffness. i can begin to rotate my foot a little bit. i still can't roll my foot inward (the direction my ankle twisted/rolled). so i am debating whether or not i should try running this weekend or not. this weekend will be two weeks off of it. i should "probably" give it more time. within the next week i believe we are up to running 9 miles... so if i can't get started running again soon... i'm afraid i can't catch up.

we will have Josie's pre-op testing tomorrow most of the day. Her surgery, as of now, is scheduled for approximately 9:00 AM Friday morning. i believe it's just a bi-lateral (both rods) expansion and we should be released Saturday.

we'll keep you posted

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Bob L said...


Wishing you all the best with surgery. I've been thinking of you and the fam lately.