Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tooth Fairy and things

Josie has lost her first tooth! She even pulled it our herself as it hung by a thread. She was excited. Josie is NOT a morning person. She stays asleep as we dress her in the morning and sleeps til we put her in the car seat. But this morning - because the Tooth Fairy was to come last night.... she woke right up and felt under her pillow for the prize. and then she went back to sleep.

Her next rib surgery is fast approaching.. July 28 at Children's Mercy again. She is well aware of it and does not want to do it. The following weekend is the Titanium Rib picnic in San Antonio to honor one of the "founders" of the project whose health is ailling. it will be a bitter-sweet reunion. But we are so looking forward to going back and seeing our second home again.

I believe that is it for now!

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sharonahouser said...

Shawn, just read the update on the "blog."I just got back from town where I purchased a cute little thank you card that I will send to John Janes, Director at WIBW, who is sending you a copy about Josie that was on WIBW news this last Sunday! Sounds like your mother might like a copy! We do serve an awesome God!