Thursday, July 27, 2006


Good evening,
everything went fine today, height, weight, xrays and CT scan. on our way out of town we stopped at this awesome Architectural Salvage place we try to visit each time we're in KC. It's only open like Thursday through Saturday. Tons of awesome stuff, but they really like their stuff ($$$). Just about anything we'd need in restoring our home could be found there.

The surgery schedule has been rearranged so we are now the first case of the day again. so we have to be at the hospital at 6:00 AM. that means we leave our house no later than 4:30. i'll try to leave on time to avoid another early morning police stop!

i expect surgery will start between 7:30 and 8:00 for those praying for Josie. We're bringing Taylor with us and Cami's (maternal) grandmother is bringing her up to the hospital around 8:30 AM. we also expect Josie will be released Saturday morning. Hopefully it won't take all day to get discharged like last time, ha!

Tracy will be staying at the hospital tomorrow night so when i get home with the kids in the evening, i'll send an update out.

On the marathon front, i briefly ran on the treadmill tonight to see how my ankle felt.... no pain at all. running for 30 seconds isn't the same as running for 90 minutes (this weekend's long run), but i'm gonna get out there with Bob and see how it holds up. I won't push it though. if it starts feeling sore or tender at all i'll stop.

Welp, gotta get things in order tonight and at least pretend that we'll actualy get to bed early (reality is that i won't be able to sleep so i'll probably get about three hours).

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Donna Mulvey said...

our prayers are with all of you!