Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Good With The Bad

The good news....
we may be getting several copies of Josie's story. An extended family member of mine downloaded the newscast from the web and i can download it from him. Then i got a call from the reporter who stated she would get me a copy of the story. then a family friend said she contact WIBW and the director is sending us a copy... this all happened in less than two hours!

Now the bad....

Just when i was thankful at how well the training was going and pain-free.....Bob and I were doing our Tuesday Marathon workout at the University this morning when i twisted my ankle and hit the ground. it hurt but not too bad and the pain went away once i was up and walking on it. so of course i finished my last running segment. no pain. but as the day went on it began getting stiffer and more painful. i was limping by mid afternoon but didn't "look" at the ankle til late afternoon. i guess it's a little swollen. i hope i don't have to take too much time off. if i get "behind" too far in the training, i won't be able to catch up in time for Chicago so of course i am not even thinking about that. maybe i'll be able to run by the weekend? it's not all black and blue. that's a good sign right? i'm icing it all evening.

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