Friday, July 28, 2006

Day One

I was close. i got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep.

Surgery was scheduled for 7:30, she didn't actually go back until about 8. Two awesome things happened this morning.... i got to take her back to the OR to be sedated, yeah! AND, AND, get this..... we got to go back and see her in recovery!!!!!!!!! how awesome is that?! Now granted, this may very well not be a regular thing. they have 10 anesthesiologists, and they each have their own perogative if they'll let you go to the OR. but we'll work em all til they all say yes. The recovery situation is the same way... we may not always get to go back. But wouldn't you know, today Josie did the best she has EVER done in recovery. never even cried once. that's a first. All went well. She was out of surgery by 9:30 and we were in a room by around 11:00.

But i do have some good news and bad.....

The bad news is we won't get a chance to meet any of the other rib familes.

The good news is, that's because Josie is already home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We certainly didn't expect it, but it's not uncommon for a first up case, that's just an expansion, to be discharged later that day. and today was our lucky day. Josie was originally scheduled as the second case, but since they got a couple other rib surgeries scheduled, Josie got bumped up to the first spot. and it just so happened Josie did everything she needed to to be able to get discharged. She was a nightmare of attitude today, worse than usual after surgery. but hey, she recovered excellent and urinated several times, etc....

She did have a real "nightmare" of her own. as she just fell asleep in her hospital room, she suddenly began screaming. tracy asked her what was wrong and she some "something fell on me!!"

She has 14 "tracks" on her arms, several on her neck/chest, and i swear a couple on the back of her neck as they tried to find a good vein for the IV. ultimately they had to put it in her foot again. so she looks pretty beat up with a number of noticeable blown veins. But she's resting heavily on the couch right now. she may possibly sleep the rest of the night, but we'll see.

well, i've got lots to do so i'll let you go.

Thanks for the prayers!


Anonymous said...

Praise the LORD! We did pray today for you and I was wondering how everything went.
Hope Josie (and you) are able to rest tonight.

Thanks for keeping us informed. The blogspot is great.

Lynda Gimple

Bob Lane said...

That is great Shawn! I'm glad all went as well as it did.

Eli's Mom said...

Shawn, I am so glad that it went so well. I was just thinking (dreading)surgery somewhere other than TX. Sharing your experience has helped me a lot. Thank you.

Take care of that angel!

familyman5 said...

Thank you Bob and Lynda!!

As for Eli, we were fortunate enough that the hospital close to us that began performing the surgeries was one we already loved and trusted. so it made the decision to switch from Texas a "little" easier.

however, Josie was their "first" VEPTR surgery. up til then the staff had never really served a rib kid. so even though they were awesome, it was new ground for them. and they made a few mistakes and they didn't allow us the same supportive benefits Texas did (going back to the OR and into revcovery).. but slowly they are learning the "special" needs these rib kids and families come to rely on.

Josie's first surgery experience in KC was about a 5 if Texas was a 10. but this time around it was closer to a 7 or 8. obviously the nurses don't yet know our children by name and all those other exceptional experiences Texas offers. but it will come, in time.

Talk to me more if you are thinking of switching. we still very much miss Texas and are excited to go there next weekend for the rib picnic. but the choice to move was the best one in the long run.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see that Josie is doine so well. I can't believe how BIG she has gotten Mr. Martin. She truly is a special little angel! I hope that your ankle gets better soon. Tell Tracy hi for me.

Donna Mulvey said...

WOW! home the same day, what a fighter she is! good to hear that you're all back home & doing well.

Anonymous said...

dad im so glad everything wet great! even thought she was being mean...we still love her!!
love you dad