Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back On The Bicycle

I got out and ran before church this morning.

my ankle held up great. no problems what so ever. my calves and shins were on fire though. that's what i get for two weeks off and no excercise. i hope this is fleeting though and i'm not plagued with it like i was earlier this year - especialy since i didn't have any of that when the training started up this time around.

hopefully i can start getting excited about Chicago again. i'm counting on that, in part, to carry me through this training. i got discouraged when i first twisted my ankle. but hopefully we're back on track again.

Josie is doing well. She hasn't slowed down yet. but she is complaining of some pain. this time around she's complaining that the back of the neck and shoulder area hurts. i'm assuming this is from the pressure/force of the rod pushing up. i have visions of the rod busting through her rib... it's not out of the question. IF it does some day (or any complication for that matter), it's nice that the hospital is just an hour away.

if my schedule permits, i'd like to journal on here more often - though not "scheduled" like during the marathon training. i won't send you an email telling you to check this site everytime i post something, cause it won't always be about Josie, but i'd like to start blogging about my training and life in general as i feel inspired. so check back frequently. if it is something important, i'll send you an email!

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