Friday, June 23, 2006


I have finally gotten around to getting the thank you cards (for the fundraiser) printed. now i need to spend all weekend typing about 100 addresses up on address labels. i hope to have it done and the cards in the mail by the first of the week. they came out really good. thank you so much Jay T for getting those done for me.

Josie has been talkg about Jesus a lot lately. which is great but some of her statements raise an eyebrow. tonight in the car she asked me which cloud Jesus was on which is a normal question. but a couple days ago she asked Tracy when she (Josie) was going to see Jesus. Tracy told her she would see him when she dies. to which Josie replied....... "it sure is taking a long time to die!" out of the mouth of babes..

Tonight Josie and I went to see an old high school class mate who is putting together a fundraiser for Josie in July. it means alot that someone i hadn't seen in over 16 years wanted to put a fundraiser together for Josie - BEFORE he even knew her or that I was her dad for that matter. he simply heard her story from someone else and was given my email address. It's pretty amazing.

back to the address labels, there are some people who didn't put their address on the pledge form. so i will be sending out an email (i won't post it on this site) of those names. that way if any of you know the person and their address you can email that to me so we can properly acknowledge their support.

well, i best get to inputting addresses!!!

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