Sunday, June 11, 2006

Even The Nights Are Better

That blog title would be a song title from Air Supply (i've heard anyway). Tracy is watching them in concert tonight with a girls' night out. So me and the kids watched Disney Channel all evening. As you can see in the picture, Josie is being the doctor again and treating all my ills. the lumpy mass under my shirt is one of her dolls cause i had a baby in my tummy. actually, i delivered two babies tonight. The delivery process is her telling me to close my eyes and she pulls the doll out from under my shirt and placing he/she next to my head. see, i'm not sure what all the fuss about childbirth is. it actually kind of tickled.

I took Josie to KC earlier this week to pick up her new brace as she had out grown the old one. this time she picked purple with pink velcro straps. ya!, that one doesn't stand out or anything. and with the new, larger brace comes the need for new, bigger shoes.

Taylor and i went with our neighbor and his son to the World Of Outlaw races in Nebraska last night. we didn't get home until 2 am. then we woke up at 9:30, realizing i had to have taylor to the Sports Zone in south Topeka at 10:00 to check out his football helmet and pads. we managed to get there on time.

I haven't seen Cami much since this is the summer schedule when we only have her two weeks out of the month (seeing her every Tuesday and Thursday the two weeks we don't have her) and all the Tuesdays she's had dance practice, one Thursday she was sick, and once she's wanted to spend time with a friend instead.... here comes the battle for "time" with my growing teenager. but , for news, she has her yearly dance recital coming, in just a few days!!!

It's official; Bob and i have registered for the Chicago Marathon in October. 40,000 runners and a predicted 1.5 million spectators. wow, what an exerience that will be!!! and today was the FIRST day i actually ran since the marathon. i should have started running at the first of the month. the actual marathon training won't begin until July, but i'm 'gearing' back up and conditioning myself. just a couple miles today. i ran it too fast so i was pretty winded, but felt fine other wise.

guess that's all for now. i'll post more when something news-worthy comes up!

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Anonymous said...

Hey dad, im so excited about my recital!! its today! I have been working so hard yestersay after dress rehearsal i didnt get to sleep till 12:00. Well i will see you tonight!!
Love you