Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Taking The Bad With The Good

I went to the doctor today to have my foot looked at.

the good news is there is no fracture. He believes i most likely strained a ligament. The not so good news is that i can't run any more until the marathon - none. I can only do things like swimming and stationary bike riding. As long as i can excercise and keep my heart rate up, he said i should have no problem remaining fit for the race. My strain may not be healed by then, but i will have given it the best opportunity to heal. It may still hurt by race day, but i'll just have to deal with it at that point and take some Tylenol.

i could use some prayers for a speedy recovery and fast healing in my foot. I also need prayers for a commitment to crosstrain. it will be much easier for me to sit around and do nothing than to get out and find other ways to excercise. Although we are in 'recovery mode'; getting our bodies fully rested and recovered for the marathon, i still need to be excercising. the class will still be running every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until May 7. i need to be commited to getting my excercise in as well.

i probably won't have much at all to "post" now that i won't be running, so i may just post a message a day or two before the race.


Anonymous said...

hey dad,
im here at school i didnt know i could get on it here but i tryed and i can, well i have to go do my work, so i will see you later,
my friend "domo" said hi
love ya lots

Anonymous said...

I told my cousin, who has run a couple of marathons, about not being able to run til the marathon. She dose not think that should be a problem. She said you normally rest some before the marathon. I am sure you will do fine. Just keep up the other training. I will send my plege when I return to Kansas.

Love Mom

Karman said...


I can feel for you immensly as far as the foot pain... I completely tore my plantar ligament that attaches to the heel bone a couple weeks ago playing softball.....so you do what the doc says!! If thats the ligament you're having probs with and I'd bet my dinky paycheck it is!! LOL It is definately something you dont want, as it is EXTREMELY painful,and not to mention I was on crutches a few days and now am walking in a sexy walking air cast!! WOOOOHOOOOO!! So suck it up all you can from Tracy... Hahahah Good Luck and I am with you all the way.... Boot cast and all! :)