Saturday, April 22, 2006

Romans 15:30

Thank you, thank you thank you!! Today was an amazing day and it was ONLY made possible by the hand of God and through your prayers for me.

Today was the 20 mile run. THE longest run of the year, prior to the marathon in two weeks. As you read from my previous post, I was quite worried about today. not running much, being sick..
Today was THE best long run i have ever had. i began getting tired at 17 miles. i ran with the same girl from last week. it was great. the pace was great. i finally found my running partner for the marathon - but NO - halfway into the run she says she's NOT running the Lincoln marathon, but doing a marathon the following week in another sate. just GREAT! there is no one left except maybe one possiblility.

Back to my story. some people started running a little earlier in the morning so when my partner finished her 17 miles she was done (she had run 3 miles of warm up). So i had to run the last three miles by myself - mean, no one around. and it was tough. i walked way more than i should cause i was tired and no one was there to motivate me. i walked all the hills/slopes.

i had some groin pain but very tolerable..... and that was IT!! no feet pain, no leg pain...that is the best i've ever felt running. by the time i got back to the finish spot i was exhausted though. i felt like i either was starving or wanted to throw up. the reason was: i was so sick of the gels i was eating that i ate nothing the last four miles. i'm so sick of gatorade too. so anyway, when finished i was dead tired - but not real sore mind you. but i felt miserabley tired. but then after a few cups of cold water i sat down and began to stretch. when i got up, i felt much better. i slammed down the thick peanut butter sandwish i made and was still hungry so i stopped at McDonald's on the way home and grabbed a Quarter Pounder Value Meal too.

As of right now i am experiencing minimal outer knee pain and that is virtually it! i can walk normal. i can go up and down the stairs with no problem. no limping. no pain after sitting for a period of time. i mean, i just cannot describe to you how good i feel compared to any other Satruday run. i honestly feel like i could go out and run another mile or two. my muscles barely feel sore right now. i AM tired though, real tired. but i'm trying to stay on my feet as much as possible to keep out the soreness and lactic acid in my muscles.

i did take my ice bath again, which is getting easier and easier to "take". now, having said all that, i don't know what i'm going to feel like tomorrow, but i cannot imagine it feeling anything like the past. this has SO boosted my spirits about the marathon. now i KNOW i can go out there and do this!

i cannot thank you enough for the prayers at this most important time of the training when i was feeling pretty discouraged.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! I knew you could do it - I'm so glad that it was a positive experience. Isn't it a great feeling to tell someone that you ran 20 miles yesterday?


Susan said...