Monday, April 24, 2006

recovery update

I came to realize that the reason i probably felt so good after the 20 mile run was that i loaded up on ibuprofin before and after the run. since yesterday i have had the normal progression of soreness. so right now my thighs are pretty sore. but STILL, i avoided, not only the pain while running, i avoided the significant knee pain i normally experienced for days after the run. walking up and down the stairs has become uncomfortable. but being 48 hours after the run, the pain/soreness is at it's peak and will now begin to die out.

there was one 'injury' i did not tell you about from Saturday. no specific reason. i guess i was just so excited about how good i felt. but, halfway through the run i started experiencing a great deal of pain on the top left foot. it was a pin-pointed spot. i am pretty sure it was my orthotic. i had it adjusted cause it didn't have enough lift in the arch, but it must of had too much now. it was probably putting too much pressure on the bottom of my arch which was causing the bone pain as it was essentially being 'bent' over the support.

i ended up taking the insert out for fear of causing a stress fracture and just put in the normal shoe insole. that reduced the pain somewhat. it is still very tender today, but it doesn't quite effect my walking. part of me wants to be safe and get it xrayed. but then i would be so discouraged that finding a fracture would end my race with less than two weeks to go. i don't know if i could handle that. so most likely i will just see how it feels the rest of the week. we are now "tapering" our workouts so they will be getting less and less as we near race day. i will have the orthotic adjusted again. if it still hurts the same next week, i'll get it xrayed. now i know that i'm going to get some emails telling me to get it looked at.... i know, i know. and i promise i will... if it gets worse (or no better).


Anonymous said...

hey padre,
well sorry you hurt yourself! hopefully it will get better. but im excited to go to dance tomorrow! mellany is too i talked to her a little bit ago. well i guess i will see you tomorrow!
love you TONS
love always
Cami Ann

kevin said...

don't let that cute girl go to the dance!