Sunday, April 09, 2006

Raintree Half Marathon

good evening everyone,
This morning was the half marathon in Lawrence, Kansas. I was feeling pretty good about it since i've already run 16 miles. but i was a little concerned cause i didn't run much last week and i've had an upset stomach since Friday.

Then my friend told me last night he wasn't running today (that's who i was gong to run with) - so i was a little worried about who i was going to run with. the other guy i run with sometimes - who is a tad slower than my pace wasn't going to be here either! So i decided to run with the girl a ran most the way to Auburn with. I had heard she was improving and running faster - but i didn't want to run by myself so i decided to keep up with her..... i'm an idiot. i don't know that i'd say the pace was too fast. she was running approximately 10 minute miles.

the problem was she only walked during the water stations every three miles, roughly. and even then i swear she only walked for about 15-30 seconds. so i'm used to walking for one minute every mile (or every 10 minutes), not 30 seconds after THREE miles. but i managed to keep up with her (or at least within 5-10 yards). she was running with another friend, so technically i was still running by myself - but i could focus on keeping up with them and not just running "alone".

well, i was starting to "feel it" about mile 7. it got a little harder to keep up. then by mile 11 i was starting to lose gas, and by mile 12... i was spent. much like the 16 mile run a couple weeks ago, it took everything i had to keep going. my legs ached so badly. but the difference was, on the 16 miler i WANTED to quit (i wanted to die really), it took everything i had not to walk the last mile in. But this morning i WANTED to keep going, but my legs were telling me they couldn't go on. the last mile i could probably walk as fast as i was running (on a day i hadn't run 12 miles already).

the good news is i beat last year's half marathon time by over 20 mintues! My time this morning was 2 hours and 14 minutes (compared to last years 2:36). But had i been able to keep up with the girl, i would have ran a 2:09!!!!! I lost FIVE minutes of time in the last mile. I ran it in 134 minutes which comes out to be 10 minute 30 second miles (even though until mile 12 i was running them in 10 minutes)The girl i ran with finished in 129 minutes or just UNDER 10 minute miles. i blew my mile average out of the water in just the last mile.

but hey, it was still fast for me - faster than i've ever run. but i'm paying for it. my knees are SCREAMING at me right now, and my groin muscles are a close second. another way i knew i was running too fast was my stomach started to feel a little upset during the last 3 water stations. which means i was running too fast for my stomach to digest easily. i coud barely walk when it was over. i can barely walk now! i had the next best thing to an ice bath - just a straight cold bath that sure felt like ice to me. my legs were numb within a couple minutes and then the tub felt fine. maybe i'll try ice next time. but the numbness has long since worn off and i'm hobbling around trying not to flex my hips or bend my knees when i walk - ya - try that.

i am even more certain that my running "career" will stop after May 7. there is just no way i can continue to run with pain just for the heck of it. i will try running again, once i've fully recovered from the marathon. but if i continue to have pain within the first mile... it's just not worth it.

i wish i got a participatory medal to show you (picture) like my half marathon, but they didn't give them out. oh well. i have rambled way too long but thanks for listening. i'll post you next week - if i can get out of bed! heck, even my professor was laughing at me as i was trying to get out of his Suburban today! i'm sure i was quite a sight.


Bob Lane said...


Hang in there until the end. You have done what alot of people haven't even started, including me. I'm not going to have to push you around in a wheel chair at the lake am I? HA! Keep it up and I'm cheering for you!

Bob Lane said...

As I was publishing the last post, a girl ran past the house. I wonder if she is in your class...hmmm.

familyman5 said...

i thought you were going to tell me i looked like the girl!
i am hanging in there. it IS getting tough. first the week off cause of Disneyworld. This week i've been down with a cold and haven't run at all. tomorrow morning i've got to run for three hours.