Tuesday, April 04, 2006

aches and pains

i felt really good during this morning's run. my feet didn't hurt at all. my knee hurt just a little. but man, by midday both my knees ached like they did the day after my 16 mile run. it's not the deep inner joint pain - i think taking last week off took care of that "injury". today my whole knees hurt, but it's that outer surface type pain - like the surrounding ligaments/muscles all around the knee. and it hurts more when i lift my foot off the ground after each stride. but man they ache, ache, ache. i may have said this before but i'm resigned to the fact that i'll likely be running the marathon with some sort of pain. at least the knee pain goes away as i run. it's the in between/rest days that they hurt.

anyway. i wans't even looking forward to running this AM when i woke up. especially after taking a week off and and "quitting" my 10 mile run sunday. but by the time i got to school i felt good and was looking forward to it. and as i said, the workout itself went well. my body is just getting old. i think it's aging faster than human years. maybe i'm growing in dog years. that's the way my body feels alot of times. becoming an avid "runner" after this marathon is not looking too good.


Anonymous said...

Hey dad well thank you for letting me get the pitures tomorrow cause t would be really cool for the class to see them...so i guess i will just get it from you tomorrow..love you

Steve J said...

Hi Mate,
Keep up the good work.
Have you tried the technique that athletes now use where you fill a bath with ice water and get in?I saw our badminton players do it after each game as it apparently helps reduce the impact injuries to the muscles and joints...can't see it doing much for any man's love life!!

familyman5 said...

yes, steve,
i tried that once but i did it the wrong way. i filled the tub, dumped three bags of ice and then tried to get in.... and i could even get sat down in it the pain (freezing cold) was excruciating.

next time it will be a whole lot less ice and i will be in the tub before i dump it in.....