Monday, March 13, 2006

School Daze

We just got back from Josie's IEP meeting at school. Tracy and i need to decide if we want to hold Josie back a year instead of sending her on to Kindergarten. this would mean a third year in pre-school instead of the normal two (Silver Lake starts pre-school at 3 1/2 YOA). As mature as she acts, she still has some "gaps" in her learning. It is likely attributed to all the time in the hospital and sedations, etc that has gotten her behind in some areas; basic things like learning her alphabet and numbers.

I don't think any parent WANTS to hear the words "held back" concerning their child, however, at this grade level it won't make a difference down the road, secondly, she is just now (march 22) turning 5 with only two months left of school so it won't be like she's "older" than the other kids, and thirdly, because of her physical size, she still appears younger than she is.

We haven't made a decision yet, but most likely, we will choose to hold her back. The last thing we want is to continue ahead and place her in a grade she will struggle greatly in. In Silver Lake they push education like no body's business - whish is one reason we moved out there with the added bonus of having an exceptional special needs program for Josie. Even in Second grade Taylor is learning things i'm sure i didn't learn til i was near junior high school.

So on one hand, it's disheartening, considering everything else Josie has to over come, but the teachers feel she will learn these things, it's just the medical issues that have slowed her learning down - temporarily. but now that we are at Kansas City, instead of Texas, she will miss much less school after each surgery which will help.


Anonymous said...

Hey dad,
well raven just gave me 50 more $ from one of her teachers. so dont let me forget to give it to you!!
see you tomorrow!!
love ya

familyman5 said...

Excellent. as far as i know, you might be the only one raising money, ha! thank you so much for your efforts to help your sister out!