Friday, March 17, 2006

Pool Running

I went to the pool last night to get my workout in. I ran in a different part of the pool a few times and the floor was much rougher and so i kind of tore/cut up the bottom on my big toes. So they are sore today. i might have to wear bandaids when i run on them tomorrow morning. but it was still nice - very tiring, but nice. of course i had to take a 5 minute dip in the hot tub when i was finished. i don't know if that helps at all, but it sure feels good (relaxing).

Tomorrow, most of the class is running a relay called the Brew To Brew. it starts in KC and ends in Lawrence. i think it's 40+ miles. each member of the class runs an 8 mile leg of that 'race'. you can run more than one if you want. It ends up being an ALL DAY event. I was looking forward to it earlier in the year, and it was only about $14 to race and eat, but then i'd be tempted to buy a shirt or fleece jacket and i'd probably end up spending too much money before it was over. Plus there was plenty of work to do around the house, so i'll just run my 8 miles 'out and back' from our house. i miss running out in the country anyway. plus, it'll probably be raining (it's supposed to rain tonight trhough next Tuesday with snow coming in Monday) - and i enjoy running in the rain. but running in the rain when it's 80 degrees out is different than when it's say, 35-40 degrees.


Tif said...

Hey guy,
Again... the offer is open to use my pool if you need it for additional stuff, and I would be glad to show you other deep water exercises. We have a couple of variants from the WU pool that may aid the knee healing... speaking as one that's be reconstructed. Just let me know.

familyman5 said...

Thanks Tif! things are crazy right now with getting ready for Disneyworld next week. i'll try and touch base when we return.