Friday, March 17, 2006

Make A Wish

The Make A Wish "wish grantors" came over last night to finalize some information and to give us the money for our trip. They brought tons of presents for the kids. Each child had their own 'package' of toys, then they had a LARGE (see photo) Sponge Bob backpack filled for more stuff for the 'family'; lots of odds and ends, things we can take on the plane, several disposable cameras, including a waterproof camera. It was like Christmas all over again for the children.

It sounds strange but one of the most emotional things for me is when we arrive in Orlando, near the baggage claim will be someone with a large sign that says something like "Make A Wish Welcomes Josie Martin". And for some reason visualizing that makes my eyes well up. i don't know why. you see that on the movies - a limo driver holding a sign with someone's last name... no big deal, but there is something emotional about doing it for Josie (or any special child). Hope i'm not a blubbering mess at that point!

Among ALL the things we "get" on this trip (which i'll elaborate on later) is a voucher for $50 towards film development. they really do think of EVERYTHING. this will be the first real vacation we have EVER taken. Once or twice we've went on a trip somewhere, like a relative's house and hung out with them or something and called that a vacation. We called our trips to Texas a vacation when we were able to go to the ocean for a few hours. But this will be our first family -do something totally fun everyday- vacation!


Shirley Martin said...

Get out the hankies! Every time I tell my friends about Make a Wish sending you all to Disney World I get a little misty and that your vacation has consisted of one day of fun before Josie's surgery each summer for the last 5 years. Many thanks to Make A Wish. I know you will have a great time.
Love, Mom

Nikki said...

I don't know if you will read this but I got your blog off of veptr and wanted to know josie's story. My son is also a veptr kid in UT. His pediatrician wanted to give him a wish along time ago but since has quit practice. Were not sure if we want a wish right now or not. Were like you and haven't ever had a family vacation. If we decide how do you go about getting your wish? I'd love to talk to you. My blog is
I'm new to and new to blogging.