Saturday, March 04, 2006

Keeping the cogs turning

Thursday i took it easy in class, just to pamper my knee some more in preparation for this Saturday's run (today). They were doing a lot of lower leg workouts that involved jumping and jumping and some more jumping. however, my feet never left the ground. Puting that kind of stress on my knee would have rendered me useless today...

As for today, man, it was a pretty good day. i was concerned when i woke up cause my knee was already still stiff and painful ( i never got rid of the pain from last Saturday). Certainly reason to be worried about today's TWO HOUR run. But, God is good and my knee loosened up as i ran and basically quit hurting! i had some mild pain in my lower left leg - but i hadn't been stretching as much this week. The orthotics continue to work.

However, i didn't make it the whole two hours. my groin muscle began to hurt, and hurt enough to know i needed to quit running. so i walked the last 30 minutes. for the last, what, two weeks i've assumed the groin pain was injury related and would keep flaring up. But after talking with our professor - he talked about knowing if a pain is just soreness or an injury. And i said i think it's injury related. However, after i got home and showered, etc.... the pain was gone. then i remembered that was the cycle after each class period. Well, that sounds very familiar to my leg and foot pain. those aren't injuries. it only hurts when i run and doesn't hurt any other time. i don't think i've injured my groin muscle. i think it too is related to not stretching enough. That would certainly be more good news that involves a correctable issue.

By the way, okay it's not "by" the way but i forgot to say it earlier.... we ran inside the gym today. it was raining out - which itself isn't a concern. it may have had to do with the cold, but anyway, we ran inside. Personally, i would have much rather ran in the rain, in fact i was actually looking forward to it. it's difficult to run around and around a track for two solid hours. I think next Saturday is our 12 mile "Auburn Run". We'll run from Topeka to Auburn.

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