Saturday, March 11, 2006

Josie spreads out when she sleeps. This is her crashed out on our bed last night.

Man, what a day!! I can now say i've run to another city. It was certainly a journey. the first three miles and last three miles were the worst. When my legs started hurting in the first half mile, i thought the entire run was going to be miserable! we stopped every three miles for liquids and food. the second three miles were better. i didn't really have leg or foot pain - i was just dealing with the usual foot numbness which doesn't bother me. miles six through nine... my feet and legs were fine but my groin muscles began to fire up, and i was getting tired. the worst thing that could have happened was to stop at mile 9 for food and liquids. as soon as we stopped i knew i was in trouble. i had to pee for about the last 3 miles so the only positive was relieving myself. But the groin pain really set in at that stop.

when we started running again i was like a wind up toy. it seemed to take everything i had to get my legs moving again. they had stiffened up and felt like lead. i wanted to be done. oh, and a good portion of the run was on gravel road, like at least half of it, if you ask me. those last three miles felt like six. i wanted to quit, i wanted to quit, i wanted to quit. the pain in my groin(s) was intense. my whole body felt like lead. this was a very hilly course... lots of hill which adds to the difficulty. we started out near my old church and went west up through Sherwood Lake and then south on Urish Rd. (i think) until 75th, then back west, south and west again into Auburn.

When i got to the end, my friend Bob told me i was dehydrated cause i had white streaks dow the sides of my face... that's the salt in my sweat - which means i wasn't geting enough fluids along the way. i may potentially have to bring extra liquids on the marathon, cause i was drinking a full two cups every three miles, whish is as much or more than i'll be getting in the marathon. I ate about 500-600 calories on the run too. which i need everybit of since i'll burn more than 100 calories a mile.

There were cars there to take us back to the starting point in Topeka where we had brunch waiting for us. as i climbed out of the van i made a painful discovery... my inner thighs were chaffed raw! i didn't even think about putting on any Body Glide (anti chaffing roll on stick)... On a positive note, my knee never bothered me!!!! i figured by now (evening), it would really be screaming at me - but i'm only experiencing some iliotibial band pain (down the outer knee) in both legs, which is more of a sharper pain, but it's mild over all. i came home and promptly took a shower and then slept for a half hour so now i feel as well as any other saturday. but this morning i wanted to die. okay, maybe not die, but certainly wanted to quit and certainly felt miserable.

Fortunately i ran with other people here and there. that's the only thing that keeps you going when you feel like that. i ran with this girl for a number of miles. i saw a cross on her shirt so i got to strike up a conversation about church. she asked where i went to church and when i told her, she lit up and asked if i knew so and so - which was the girl running about 30 yards ahead of us. Then she said she is probably going to check out my church this weekend or next cause she's heard great things about it - very exciting.

i'm really too tired to even go back through this and check for typos, so my apologies for any and all mistakes! I'll write more Tuesday or Wednesday.

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