Monday, March 20, 2006

I ran 8 miles Saturday. I can't stress enough how tough it is to run on your own. The first two miles were great. i was actually on a 9 minute mile pace (which i learned was too fast). At my two mile walk, i was at the bottom of a hill - which is good - walking hills is easier than running them), but i wasn't at the top of the hill before my minute was up. so i decided to walk another minute to get to the top. i ran my third mile at a still fast pace (sub 10 min.) and i was beginning to feel tired already. Halfway into my third mile i had (mentally gave up) to take a 20 second walk break. But at the fourth mile stop i ate and drank. Miles 5 - 8 gradually felt better and better. I started off way too fast - even though it felt good at the time. But i made it, and that's what counts. i wanted to give up when i was tired and had no one to talk to, but i pressed on.

Yesterday Taylor and i hung out all day together having some 'man-time' while Tracy, her mom and sisters took Josie to KC to shop. They took Josie to the Build-A-Bear Worshop for her Birthday gift. She actually picked out a cat as you see in the picture. They had a great time and Taylor and i got to go to the movies, eat lunch out, and work on my truck motor together.

As for the fundraiser, keep getting pledges!! as i've said before, i have NO IDEA how it's going, and won't know til all the money comes in. I asked for it to be back by May 6, but we'll be in Nebraska so if any comes in that day i won't know til the marathon is over. Ihope to have a final count that following week. I'm going to mail out the envelopes and pledge forms (in case yours didn't print off right) this week.

One week from today we leave for Disneyworld!!!!! I have decided that i will leave my laptop at home. this was a tough decision since i like to update people daily when we are on a trip (medical trips). But i truly want to leave everything behind and have a week of pure unstructured, quality time with the family. which means i'll have TONS to report when we return home!! I'll post pictures on the VEPTR website (the hyperlink is to the right. i think it's called Josie's Pictoral Journey). i probably won't have them up for several days after our return though.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!! i as so excited about disney world!!! i cant wait!!! i cant even amagin what it will be like.i kind of feel strange..... because i kow there doing this for josie but, i dont know i feel like they are giving us more than i deserve....but i dont know.....anyways write me back!!! you!!!!
Cami Ann

familyman5 said...

well, if you feel bad enough, you can stay home and we'll show you pictures of the trip... ha!!!! just kidding!!!!

it's only 6 days away!! hope you get your homework done before we leave so you don't have to woory about it on the trip.

hey, you didn't send me a picture of your new haircut last night.

love, Dad

Anonymous said...

i know sorry i didnt send it to you. i had a friend stay the night and all of us played monopoly it took us 2 hrs!!! we took the picture but we forgot to send it!! sorry i will try as soon as mom gets home from the doc. with kelcie.......Hope you have a great day!!! dont forget sometime to call me and let me know what time i am going with you on you and i will talk to you later!!!! love: Cami