Thursday, March 09, 2006

Getting My Waterwings

I may have found my new Thursday workout - pending final approval from my instructor. Today was "water running" in the University pool. We "ran" a number of excercises in both the deep and shallow ends. i was exhausted at the end!! BUT - i didn't aggravate my knee at all!!

See, my knee has never stopped hurting for the last week or so. it used to recover and stop hurting in between workouts. But it has maintained a dull pain for some time now. Overall, it hasn't gotten worse after a work out - but it has progressed to some extent because there is some element of constant pain/discomfort when there wasn't before. I also haven't been icing it like i should.

But anyway, i talked with my professor to see if a water workout could be used in place of one of the weekly workouts. He said it could. But i didn't technically ask if i could emplement that strategy for the remainder of the training. Of course, since he reads my blog, he'll know before i get a chance to ask him "officially" Saturday morning! the goal is to FINISH the marathon, and doing a water workout may just be the ticket to keep me healthy enough to reach that goal.

And Saturday.... it will be 12 miles. It's called the "Auburn Run" because we run from the city of Topeka to the city of Auburn!! this is still not a personal record for me since i've run a half marathon (13.1 miles) - but any future long runs WILL be! I believe we still have a half marathon race (sanctioned race in Lawrence, KS), a 16 mile and a 20 mile run left before the marathon.

i hope the fundraising/pledging is going well! My daughter Cami raised $100 in the first 24 hours!!! no pressure! It's nice to see her excited about it. I'm getting ready to mail out all the envelopes so that you can return the pledge monies at no extra charge to you. I'll send out our mailing address through email for you to have as well (i don't want to post it on this public site).

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