Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Fundraiser has started!!!

Okay, not quite yet, but i created the flyer and pledge form tonight and will be emailing it to all all of you on the Josie Update list as soon as i finish this blog. Let me know if you can't open the Word document. Coming later, if i have your address, will be self-addressed stamped envelopes for you to return the pledges and form(s) in. Now's the exciting part. From hear it's in God's hands. My desire is that He blesses it beyond our imagination! I may have the gift of Faith and trust in God's provision, but i still get a little nervous when the money's gone. If you read this blog and you are not on the update list, and would like to get the flyer and pledge form, send me an email and i'll get it right out to you.

Thanks again for your continued support and keeping up with me through this process!!


Anonymous said...


familyman5 said...

i love you too!!

Anonymous said...

well im so excited i now have $131. im so excited i hope we can make it!! auggie raised $81 just at the elementry school!! i was so happy and she is sending a form to hr sister in the manhatten collage, to try to get some there!!!! she has been a great help!! i love you see you tonight!!!

Auggie said...

hi this is auggie. I am cami's friend from school! I have loved getting money for Josie! On Wesnday i got $81.00 at my elementry school. I am going to send on of your letter to my sister is collage. I know that she will do her best in trying to get money for Joise. If your need more help i would love for your to call me! This year for lent i am going to do all i can to help out your family! god bless ~Augustina Guerrero

familyman5 said...

hey Auggie,
i remember you! thank you for all your help, and for your sister's help too!! it means a lot to us!