Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dead Man Walking i don't believe i have EVER been in so much pain in my LIFE!! i hurt, i hurt, i hurt! 16 miles baby! a new personal first for me. it sure came with a price though.

We started at Gage Park Zoo (for those of you familiar with Topeka) and basically ran west on 10th street, which later turned into 'old Hwy 4o' and we ran out what seemed to be half way to Manhattan - okay, it just felt like that. but a number of miles west, along I-70, you'll notice an old abandoned horse farm, with a white, fence lined oval track on the south side of the highway... that's where we ran to and then turned around and ran back. The professor had food and fluids stashed about every 2 1/2 miles, but when we reached the second "stop" we discovered the refreshments were no where to be found...

i'll fast forward to about mile 10.. my running partner decided to start skipping the walk breaks every mile.... and i sure didn't want to run by myself so i kept right on plugging away. in reality it was only an extra mile in between walk breaks.

at mile 14... our last refreshment stop... that is what killed me. it was already hard enough to get going again after walking. but at mile 14 my body was telling me it was done. and i don't mean just tired. it took everything, i mean everything i had just to keep my legs turning the final two miles back. simply unbearable fatigue. but i made it.

a strange thing happened the end. i think my mind left me and i was delirious. do you remember how when you were kids and you stayed up all night. and about 3:00 in the morning, everything suddenly start sounding funny and you giggled at everything? well, that happened to me. i was in so much pain and exhaustion that all i could do was giggle. i could barely walk.

the backs of my legs - from hamstrings to ankles are sore and tight. i hae tried to stay up on my feet all afternoon cause if i sit, my legs start screaming at me when i try and get up. and let's not talk about going up and down the flight of stairs here.

but even in spite of all that - i actually feel pretty good here at 3:00 in the afternoon. i might not be able to get out of bed for church in the morning, but for now... it's barable! i just have to stay on my feet and keep my legs moving.

there won't be any updates next week as we will be in Disneyworld!!!!!! but i'll have plenty to post when we get back!


Anonymous said...

omg, i started laughing so hard when i found out you were i can SO picture you there......well im excited about disneyworld!!!! for josie's party i got her of course the care bears game and then i also got her some care bears stickers they have air on the inside.....well when i was out buying it, i felt really bad. cause here i am getting josie somthing, and yet i never got kelcie i felt pretty crummy because i dont want eaither of then to feel like i dont like one as much as i like the other........but i have spent allot of time playing with kelcie, so i dont know......but anyways see you todaet after church
love you

familyman5 said...

hey honey,
even though you are in the other room right now, i'm still replying, ha! we are going to have a BLAST on our trip!! i'm sure Kelcie knows you lover her very much. it's never about the "gift" - remember that. "things" don't show people you care for them. ultimately it just means you don't want to spend "time" WITH them. there's your life lesson for the day.

love you,

P.S. - i wander since no one else ever posts, if anybody even reads these except you and i?

familyman5 said...

hey daddy,
well i know she knows i love her ......i asked her if she wanted anything while im down there ad its funny cause the only thing she asked for were some m&m's.....ha ha ha.
well im excited too i REALLY hope that i can get my phone keep mom updated and stuff......and i just remembered that i need my swimmers ear drops just to make sure that i dont get it while im down there. im excited............well comment me back and then come get me in the living room so i can read it again......ha ha ha. love you see you when you get off yhe computer, hahahah......

familyman5 said...

well actually, i need to get off so i can call someone to feed the cats while we're gone. oops, kinda forgot to do that, and we're leaving in about 12 hours!

familyman5 said...

well dad im so excited!!!! just dont let me forget that i NEED my ear if we can TRY to get them tomorrow from mom.....i cant belive we are leaving that kinda afraid to go on the plain beacuse i dont want somthing to happen to us like 9/11. but im too excited to worry,
so let me know about the ear drops. i love you CMB (comment me back) hahaha just made that one up!!! lol(laugh out loud)
love you

Bob Lane said...

Hey Shawn,

I check this blog every day...thank you very much:)

Bob Lane

kevin said...

ditto bob lane.