Wednesday, March 15, 2006

continuing to pace myself

Tuesday's class went well. very little pain in my legs/feet. some knee pain but just a little. We did a "YASSO" workout where we focus on maintaining pace. Our community has a walking trail (concrete) that has markers every quarter mile. The first time we did this earlier in the semester i ran with the 2:30 group (2 minutes 30 seconds every quarter mile mark) which equaled a 10 minute mile pace. Tuesday i ran with the 2:25 group for one leg and felt like it was a tad slow, so i moved up to the 2:15 group and ran the remaining 5 legs (one leg is actually two markers or half a mile). i was getting tired by the last two legs so i don't know if i was in the right spot or going a little too fast. we walked after each leg and i "recovered" fine. even though i was tired, i actually ran the last leg 20+ seconds overall faster than our pace time (the first quarter was approximately 2:10 and the second quarter was 2:00).

i hope that wasn't too confusing. Let's just say, it appears i am increasing my speed which is a good thing = a faster marathon time. if you convert that 400 split (quarter marks) time (2:15) into marathon time then i would be projected to run the marathon in 4 hours and 30 mintues - which is half an hour FASTER than my original goal was. but again, these are just estimates.

And i've got more great news! my professor has okayed me using a pool workout instead of the regular class schedule every Thursday. this will greatly aid in 'recovery' for my knee. this weekend i will run 8 miles on my own and then next Saturday is our SIXTEEN mile run! That will be a new personal "first" for me!!

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