Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Keep up the pace!

Yesterday we worked on pace - maintaining it, mile after mile (actually in our workout it was checked every quarter mile). Last tuesday the class got a baseline time (for each quarter) to be used today. But, since i didn't run that day due to my knee... i ended up just guessing what pace i was going to keep. i usually trained at a 10 1/2 minute mile for the half marathon. so i used a 10 min. time - which breaks down to 2 minute-30 second quarter mile intervals. so i ran with the "2:30" group.

it went well. near the last half mile my groin started to hurt a little (it was really hurting at the end of my Saturday run), and still had a little lower leg pain... but over all the pace was good, and actually, i potentially could have run a little bit faster pace. it felt like my normal marathon pace, but we were supposed to be running a little faster than that. but oh, well. as of right now, my goal is to run a 9:50 (minute per mile) pace for the marathon.
when factoring in the walk breaks, my half marathon broke down to about 11:30 minute miles. so even if i can run this marathon in 10:00 min. miles, it's a big improvement.

This Saturday is the first real marathon prep "long run" of the class. It's nine miles. Earlier in the semester, Dave said that the 9-miler will be a deciding factor for some as to whether or not they can hang with the class. already a few people have dropped for various reasons. My goal is to not be one of those. And the key will be staying injury free. so i do take these little aches and pains seriously. i know i worked through them for the half marathon, but this race is a totally different beast.

I will begin working on the fundraising info and pledge forms soon. i would like to get them out by the first of March. i will likely send them as attachment to every eamil address i have, but i may also send hard copies in the mail with self-addressed stamped envelops for people to return the form/money as well.


Bob said...

here is a test post!

Anonymous said...

Hi mate,

Keep it going my friend,i am rooting for you this side of the atlantic.

"Take it easy"

Steve J