Saturday, February 11, 2006

Jack Frost still around

I began getting ahead cold a couple days ago. I can't stand those; running nose, severe head congestion that feels like your head's in a vice; sounds like you're talking in a barrel - i hate 'em. I woke up about midnight, unable to breath through my nose and just felt completely miserable. I thought i might be bailing on this morning's run. but some how between midnight and 6:30 am, i felt a lot better-or at least the same sickly state as i was when i went to bed. So I decided to get up and get ready to drive into town for the run.

I didn't realize we got a dusting of snow over night. Last I heard it was a very slim chance to get anything. But that's the weather man for ya. It was a chilly 22 degrees outside with a breeze to top it off. it was probably about 25 degrees by the time our class ran and i'm sure it didn't get any warmer. I didn't really mind the cold, though my face was read for a couple hours after the run (even after my looooong warm shower). it never stopped snowing either.It was snowing when i left, while i ran, and now seven hours later, it's still spitting flakes now and then.

Today was the first day i got a wonderful gift that will continue weekly until the marathon. A co-worker of Tracy's is trained in therapeutic massage and the Rolf technique. When she read my earlier post about some pain i had, she offered her services FREE, one hour per week to focus on my areas of need. She'll be working some deep tissue massage and manipulation to address my trouble spots. I have never had even a professional "massage" before, let alone this more intensive, focused technique. Man was it awesome. i was already tired from the run, but after she got done, i surely could have taken a long nap. AND, i can also use the jaccuzi afterwards if i want. there was only a couple "painful" spots when she was really working my lower legs over. I am so looking forward to the following weeks. if i can rid myself of this nuassance pains i'm having.... i just might be a recreational runner for life.

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